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Sandy Butler Stone12/18/2014

I love it.

Subject: A little TBT for my field service friends! Techs would gather at a station after hours and change ev ...

Jim Gonka12/18/2014

A little TBT for my field service friends! Techs would gather at a station after hours and change every terminal in the vans overnight. Next morning, the couriers were using the new trackers in the vans! Left to right - Danny Deason, Shirley Pigott, Chris Elwell, Brian Daniels, Tommy Taylor.

Ann Masters12/18/2014

And my last project before retiring was retiring the majority of the remaining COSMOS IIB screens on the mainframe. We got our money's worth from that system.

Danny Deason12/19/2014

Thanks for posting Jim. Those were the days of great satisfaction, accomplishing goals as a team. We didn't realize at the time those would become 'the good ole days'.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk12/18/2014

FedEx Trivia QuizCosmos IIa was scanning in stations and at the Hub.Cosmos IIb added scanning into vans, pickup and delivery scans and others. The Supertrackers that the couriers carried were supposed to be placed in the Norand Smartbase and scans uploaded at night, but the Smartbase project was delayed.How were the pickup and delivery scans sent to COSMOS without the Smartbase being functional?

David Hunt12/18/2014


Melissa Leech Ziemer12/18/2014

Over dial up phone lines. Was a backup solution later if Smartbases were acting up.

Barry Poole12/18/2014

PC Base! Written on top of a multitasking kernel written in C and offered in the Dr. Dobbs magazine.

Jimmy Glenn Burk12/19/2014

Answer: DADS, first scans sent wireless to the DEC PDP-11’s and then over SNA links to COSMOS. History: The story goes, that the Radio dept was told to NOT work on the project to send SuperTracker scans thru DADS. The CIO didn’t want conflicts in projects taking place, and wanted all efforts to make the Smartbase work. Working with MDI in Vancouver, Radio & the Hardware engineering group worked on it anyway, and that option was ready to go when IIB was ready to roll out. Initially Harry Dalton wanted to give a 10,000 supertracker order to HHP and 10,000 order to Norand and 1) see which performed the best, 2) to have competition and 3) also to have a secondary source. There wasn’t enough money to go around, so HHP got the SuperTracker contract for 10,000 units and Norand got the SmartBase & quad rack order. After rollout, but before the SmartBase software could be stabilized, the Comm Soft group under Dan Goss(and either Bill Strange or Kurt Wulff) put together a standard PC configuration called the PCBase which did the same thing and could control the quad racks. Eventually all the SmartBases were replaced with the PCBase configuration.

Subject: George Moore shared WMC Action News 5's photo to the group: FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club.

George Moore12/18/2014

BREAKING: A Memphis FedEx driver was shot while driving a delivery vehicle.According to police, the driver is in critical condition. MORE --->

Debora Williams Waller12/19/2014

Looked like he was driving an 18 wheeler from what I saw on TV.

George Moore12/19/2014

Correct 18 wheeler. Typical media wrong again.

Subject: Another FedEx driver shot at in Mississippi today. TIPPAH CO, MS (WMC) - A FedEx driver in Tippah Co ...

George Moore12/19/2014

Another FedEx driver shot at in Mississippi today. TIPPAH CO, MS (WMC) - A FedEx driver in Tippah County reported to the sheriff's department that he was shot at near Falkner, MS. The driver was not hit by any bullets. The sheriff's department is investigating the claim. WMC Action News 5's Janice Broach is on her way to Tippah County to learn more. Stay with for developments.

Dan Elliot12/19/2014

Man, what is going on??

Bonnie Booth12/19/2014

What is wrong with people ?

Karen Schmidt12/20/2014

what is happening?????


George Moore12/23/2014 Michael Schelly Jr. December 22, 2014 - December 22, 2014 Resided in Byhalia, MS Guestbook Services Obituary Joseph Michael "Mike" Schelly Jr., 62, died Month, Day, Year. Mike was born on August 24, 1952 in Memphis, TN. He graduated from Blessed Sacrament Grade School and Catholic High School for Boys. He also attended Memphis State University. Mike started his TV broadcast career at WPTY in Memphis as an engineering technician for TV operations in both the studio and at the transmitter. In 1984, Mike began a new career with Federal Express. He worked in the wireless technical area and was responsible for repairing corporate devices for courier operations. Later in his FedEx career, he provided IT support for the senior executives. Mike spent 10 years in the executive offices and retired in 2012. His passion was amateur (ham) radio. He was a ham radio operator for over 40 years and held the Extra class license. He was a member of the ARRL and his call sign was K4EAR. He was also a member of the DXCC Honor Roll. He was preceded in death by his parents Joseph Michael Schelly Sr. and Helen Maddox. He is survived by his sister, Julia Schelly of Raleigh, NC, his beloved dogs, Hershey and Shiloh, and countless friends. An informal graveside service will be held at Calvary Cemetery at 1663 Elvis Presley Blvd, at 1:00 pm, on Tuesday, December 23, 2014. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice. - See more at:

Brian Sneed12/23/2014

Mike Mitchell had told me he was not doing well. Rest In Peace Mike Schelly.

J. David White12/23/2014

RIP Mike. We will miss you and wish you 73's.

Jim Bentley12/23/2014

RIP Mike!

Nancy Hinds12/24/2014

Always a happy helpful sweet guy - RIP Mike - you were a peach.

Subject: Julie A. Yancey posted something about the "Living Well Network" earlier and I thought I would share ...

Jack Brown12/30/2014

Julie A. Yancey posted something about the "Living Well Network" earlier and I thought I would share the link with the members of this page.

Julie A. Yancey posted something about the "Living Well Network" earlier and I thought I would share the link with the members of this page.

Subject: i saw that everett meadow passed away. any details? thanks!

Laura Ladd Beard1/1/2015

i saw that everett meadow passed away. any details? thanks!

Don Rose1/1/2015

Oh no, I hope not. Good man.

Laura Ladd Beard1/1/2015

i just saw a face book post. roy and i both worked with him a long time.

Molly Hale Moss1/1/2015

Everett's obituary is on the Commercial Appeal website. It does not provide any information though.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/1/2015

So sad; Everett was always a very nice person.

Subject: Command & Control:

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/2/2015

Command & Control:

Subject: A Santa Barba newspaper article on Gary Holmes:

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/3/2015

A Santa Barba newspaper article on Gary Holmes:

A Santa Barba newspaper article on Gary Holmes:

Linda Shelley Morton1/3/2015

Very sad.

Carla Slattery Moore1/4/2015

Thank you, Jimmy, for updating us all on Gary. He was a great guy. He is missed.

Margaret Canon Bruch1/4/2015

I never heard about this. How tragic!!!

Subject: FedEx Retiree Jim Bentley...On the Move

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/3/2015

FedEx Retiree Jim Bentley...On the Move

Danielle Harnisch1/3/2015

Cool shot Jim!

Nancy Hinds1/3/2015

Looking good Mr. Bentley...and nice bike

Subject: Regarding retirement: Shoe cartoon.

J. David White1/6/2015

Regarding retirement: Shoe cartoon.

Regarding retirement: Shoe cartoon.

Subject: Jimmy Glenn Burk posted in FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club — with Marie McVay and 2 others.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

Marie McVay1/7/2015

This was taken at Linda Shelley Morton's wedding reception...

Linda Shelley Morton1/7/2015

And that was a wonderful day...Marie McVay.

Nancy Hinds1/7/2015

a fine circle of folks

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizMaster Salesmen:In the year before Zapmail shut down, the zapmail sales force was in the process of selling Zapmailer II’s which were smaller zapmail machines at the customer’s office. They offered an outright sale or a lease option. I don’t remember the exact number but it seems like they had placed a few thousand but had over 8,000 in inventory and sales had almost stopped. Most of these were dial up. Prices had been lowered, because there just wasn’t enough systems out there for customers could fax between each other, so most documents went to a Zapmailer I at the station to be delivered.In a planning meeting FWS made the decision that we were going to continue to offer the zapmailer II’s but only a leased line version, so that documents could be delivered faster and it would be a more premium option. Customer would pay for the leased line to the closest node, then 25 cents per page. We would continue that service until a Satellite based service could be added. So sales of dial up zapmailers would stop in one week.In that next week, over 8,000 zapmailers would be sold or leased.How did Bill Razzouk and the sales force do this?

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/11/2015

The sales message was not ‘fedex will stop selling dial up zapmailer 2’s, so you have to put in a leased line and pay for it’ The message was: ‘Price increase…we will no longer offer the entry level dial up zapmailer2, price is going up…so if you wanted to get in on the entry level cheap price…you better order now’ …..then 8,000 were sold/leased within 2 weeks The sales were moot after the challenger accident and after looking at other options, it was apparent that a cheaper alternative satellite offering could be done or launched, and the program was cancelled.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz Ye Shall not Pass….

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz Ye Shall not Pass….In the mid 80’s a high level executive attempted to enter the Telecom building at 2828 Business Park but was denied entrance. The person was trying to return his cell phone to get it repaired, but the attendant at the front refused to let him enter the building. She had been told if she didn’t recognize someone, they couldn’t enter. He tried to tell her that this building and thousands in Memphis reported to him, and he didn’t need to sign in….but to no avail ..He could not pass…Who was this person, and what did the Director in the Building to do to ensure it didn’t happen again?

Gary Phillips1/7/2015

I think pictures of the execs were put up at the doors but don't remember who this was.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/8/2015

Gary is correct; the Director, Winn Stephenson, had photos of all the execs put where the receptionist could see them. the Exec who could not pass was Dr. Ron Ponder, the CIO of FedEx

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz Criminals on the loose…

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz Criminals on the loose…Around the late 80’s a prisoner was being transported thru West Memphis Arkansas. When the two police officers made a pit stop, the prisoner, somehow slipped thru the divider between the front and back seat, and drove off with the police car, keys and weapons. He arrived in Memphis at 2828 Business Park, across from the Hub, just as an employee was walking to his car. The prisoner, now with police weapons took the employees keys, opened the trunk and ordered him to get in…Who was the employee? What happened to him?

Gary Phillips1/7/2015

Don't remember this.

Jon Peacock1/7/2015

I seen to remember this, but I don't remember who the employee was.

George Moore1/7/2015

Ed Trease (sp). The prisoner got in the trun k and got the officers weapon and pointed it at Ed as he was entering the building and got Eds kys, took his BMW and started a police pursuit down Demorcrat. He wrecked out on American Way and Getwell

Brent Ross1/7/2015

My office was at 2828 Business Park at the time and I remember this happening. I remember the employee (was it Jim Thanum ??) refused to get in the trunk and it seems like the prisoner tried to shoot him and the gun missfired allowing him to escape.

Brent Ross1/7/2015

It was Ed Trease... Thanks George...

George Moore1/7/2015

Ed later told me he did not believe he could be shot, because from his military he remembered on an automatic the hammer had to be back. I told him not now since most autos (now) are double action. Thought he was going to faint.

Jon Peacock1/7/2015

Ed Trease... Thanks guys.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

It was Ed Treece; Ed said that he knew if he got in that trunk, he wouldn't live very long so he refused; the criminal hit him on the head with a gun and took his car

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizIn the early 80’s a non-employee walked into 2955 Republican at night. When they wouldn’t let him go upstairs to zap central to see his girl friend, he pulled a gun. Don’t remember what happened but no one was hurt. Also, someone’s car or rental car was also stolen around that time frame.What did FedEx do?

Gary Phillips1/7/2015

Fence around parking lot?

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

Gary be correct...and they added an armed guard I think

Rebecca Felts1/8/2015

I passed that building when I would go to flight training.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Poll:

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2015

FedEx Trivia Poll:Did you have to work the night of Dec 31st 1999 (Y2K) , and if so, where?

Danielle Harnisch1/7/2015

Yes, Petaluma , California

Dan Elliot1/7/2015

On call, orlando...

Marcie Littles Moss1/7/2015

Yes. I was at the WTC in Collierville, TN.

George Moore1/7/2015

Yes. We were at the CTC war room.

Gary Phillips1/7/2015

Nope, was on call though. I had not moved back to Telecomm yet. Was in Cust Auto.

Chris Bentley1/7/2015

On call.

Jere Bledsoe1/7/2015

I decided about 30 years prior that I would be retired on that date. And I was.

Don Rose1/7/2015

Yes! I was responsible for Y2K compliance for Worldwide Customer Service. I was in the Y2K office at the WHQ.

Kay Brown Moody1/7/2015

Yes...Customer Systems Development onsite...ITC Bailey Station

Kay Brown Moody1/7/2015


Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz:

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz:Name these 4 employees, all who became SVP of Flight Ops at Federal Express:#1. Naval pilot & Test Pilot for Grumann Corp; was flying jet at the Paris airshow and part of wing fell off the aircraft#2. AF pilot who got shot down in Vietnam, and hung in a tree for a couple days, flew in the Thunderbirds#3. First SVP of Flight Ops who is credited for making safety & redundancy part of the Corporate culture#4. AF pilot who became the head of the FAA, and also flew in the Thunderbirds

Buddy Johnson1/9/2015

#4 is T Allen McArtor

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizWhen Federal Express began Intl expansion where was the Telecom and Operations Centers headquartered for:1. United Kingdom 2. Europe 3. Asia

Ben Moore1/9/2015

1. High Wycombe - home of the world's worst roundabout -

FedEx Trivia Quiz

Dave Hansen1/9/2015

#2= Brussels Belgium??

Dave Hansen1/9/2015

#3= Hong Kong??

Don Rose1/9/2015

Asia= Singapore

Jim McBryde1/9/2015

High Wycombe. Spent a summer there developing software for intra europe delivery which was later abandoned. Sad time when it happened as first major layoffs in fedex history.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/10/2015

1. High Wycombe 2. Brussels 3. Hong Kong Note: Asia ops center was moved to Singnapore when many businesses including Federal Express moved out of Hong Kong when Britain ceded control of that city back to China in 1997

Dave Hansen1/10/2015

I win.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizWhat was the day called when Flying Tigers locations were all cut over to the FedEx network?

Buddy Johnson1/9/2015

T Day. August 7, 1989

Gary Phillips1/9/2015

Yep, T-day. Worked in that project with a small group from Telecom.

George Moore1/9/2015


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/10/2015

T Day is correct.

Mary A Johnson1/10/2015

Yep! We lt the tiger out of the bag! Do you have the 'official' shirt ... without the 'legal' logo?

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizName this Person: (from Changing How the World Does Business by Roger Frock)…during an early Saturday morning executive meeting … at a new executive’s first Saturday meeting…“About an hour into the meeting, while we were still waiting for Fred to arrive, XXX secretary entered and placed a glass of orange juice and two small airline bottles of vodka on the table in front of him. That was his way of expressing his feeling about the need to meet on Saturdays. We knew immediately he was going to fit in with the group.”

Dave Hansen1/9/2015

Jim Barksdale??

Don Rose1/9/2015

Sales VP. I can't remember his name.

Margaret Canon Bruch1/9/2015

Humphries 😆

Jim McBryde1/9/2015

Tom oliver

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/10/2015

Answer: Jim Riedmeyer

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizAfter spending about a year on Zapmail, Jim Barksdale transferred several of us to a new Satellite group formed under Alan McArtor at the Ridgeway site. Gil Mook, Jim Whitworth, Jim McKinney, Bruce Lindow, Antony Kong, and others worked in the building.a. In early 1986 a tragedy occurred which affected all in the group and the project we were working on.What was the tragedy?b. In May, 1986 a movie came out that electrified many in the building….war stories abounded as many proclaimed tales of yore.What was the movie?

Gary Phillips1/10/2015

A. Jim killed in motorcycle accident. I think this was much later......90s maybe. B. Had to be Platoon or Top Gun.

Laura Ladd Beard1/9/2015

A. The space shuttle blew up.

Mike Mitchell1/9/2015

A. Space shuttle Challenger B. Top Gun

Kay Brown Moody1/10/2015

Space shuttle

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/10/2015

Answers are correct a. Space Shuttle Challenger destroyed b. TOP GUN


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/10/2015

Jack Brown1/10/2015

I never realized there are 100 places to visit in Memphis.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/12/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizAfter several reorganizations Dennis Jones formed a dedicated group known as LineHaul or LHSD supporting the Hubs,Ramps, AOD and AGFSa. Name the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and/or 4th VP of LHSD or any you can think of…….b. Name the VP of Operations for the SuperHub when it was first activatedc. Name the SVP of DGO(Domestic Ground Ops) who became Pres. Of Kinkos