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Kay Brown Moody1/4/2016

I'll pass this on to IT security.

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki1/4/2016

Thank you Kay Brown Moody!! Greatly appreciated! Kay, if you need my personal information (Phone #, etc), just pm me.

Kay Brown Moody1/4/2016

Will do

Debora Williams Waller1/4/2016

If I remember correctly you can get a new Vanguard password but they will send it too you via mail only.

Leigh Pritchett Sawicki1/5/2016

The problem hasn't been the pw. I was able to reset the password online and add additional security measures and Kay has offered to report for me.

Richard Taylor1/5/2016

I moved mine right after I took the buyout in May 2013

Subject: ...

Clayton Roderick1/5/2016

Subject: Various FedEx employees have studied FedEx satellites, space launches, extremely fast ships, blimps, ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/5/2016

Various FedEx employees have studied FedEx satellites, space launches, extremely fast ships, blimps, magic window/ radar, and extremely slow aircraft to handle freight shipments across the oceans as well as many other things.Came across this article on one of the slow oceanic cargo aircraft under development.

Various FedEx employees have studied FedEx satellites, space launches, extremely fast ships, blimps, magic window/ radar, and extremely slow aircraft to handle freight shipments across the oceans as well as many other things.

Tommy Johnson1/6/2016

I guess those wings help. Military jets can't fly that low because of the thermal downdrafts. We lost a plane in the Navy when a jet flew 75 feet of the ground.

Subject: Cross posting excellent comments from Irene's facebook page, that I thought relevant to this Faceboo ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/6/2016

Cross posting excellent comments from Irene's facebook page, that I thought relevant to this Facebook Group.Irene Williams:Just an observation, not a complaint, but......I thought retiring puts folks on a fixed income. "Fixed" is a misnomer. Medicare deduction (which is mandatory) has increased. FedEx informed me that tax rates for 2016 have changed and my retirement check may not be the same amount as it was in 2015. (Tax rates rarely go down). I wonder how the rest of the entitled folks may feel about a declining fixed incomeComments:Philly Herlein Rains: I know exactly how you feel. No increase to our SS this year, but everything else is going up. Welcome to your Golden Years.Richard Maingault: Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I took the very first buyout way back, and I can tell you it only gets worse. Taxes and insurance is eating me aliveMaryJo Fiveash Clark: I have noticed that many people are struggling with retirement. I have determined that I will probably be working into my 70's. Hopefully there will be opportunities to some sort of life enjoyments...............Linda Graham: Nailed it!Julia Young: We don't like it, but we are use to it!!

Tommy Johnson1/6/2016

I thought I was set up pretty good for retirement but then we had a 5 year drought so no crops from the farm and they quit pulling natural gas from my wells and only pull helium. A few years ago the banks quit loaning money for investment property so no more house flips. Luckily I like to work so my little computer company keeps the wolves away. Retirement was boring anyway.

Sandy Bringhurst Howard1/6/2016

And think about the people that didn't work for a company that offered a pension!

Kathy Guererri Heatherly1/6/2016

Getting letter from Medicare going up and then FedEx Pension more taxes yes it does hurt. Golden Years are going to get worse.

Jill Drysdale-Taylor1/6/2016


Debora Williams Waller1/6/2016

I was just thinking this same thing when I got my retirement check on the 1st. It was smaller for the reason you have already mentioned. I am guessing my check will shrink every year until there is not enough money from the check to live on, so I will need to pull from the 401K. ( This is generally speaking, no intended for financial advise).

Tonya Handwerker1/6/2016

I have a part time job to supplement my retirement. It is not easy especially when you are single.

Subject: Legends sightings

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2016

Legends sightingsHad breakfast with Stephanie at Perkins on Germantown Parkway and saw many FedExr's. I think they have a bike communal ride on Tuesdays then they eat breakfast. I was meeting Steph's cousins to plan and upcoming trip, and should have gotten a photo of all of them. Some of them there were David Zanca, Amy Armstrong, Belinda Watkins, Jim & Linda Brigance, Anne Wulff and more...

Anne Wulff1/7/2016

Also Becca McClendon, Ben Armstrong and Dana Parks! Fun seeing you, Jimmy. You look great!

Subject: Just got word that Doyle Childress with Cook Systems has passed away. He would have been 73 this mon ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2016

Just got word that Doyle Childress with Cook Systems has passed away. He would have been 73 this month. Doyle worked for many companies interfacing with the FedEx IT groups. He was a super nice guy.

Buddy Johnson1/7/2016

Doyle was a fine man. Did business with him for many years from mid 80's on into early 2000's.

Jill Drysdale-Taylor1/7/2016

Doyle was a good man.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/7/2016

Doyle in 2011

Subject: History Trivia tidbit(probably only a few know this answer, but an interesting story....)

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2016

History Trivia tidbit(probably only a few know this answer, but an interesting story....)Name this company that FedEx telecom did a lot of work with in the 1980's....The company was well known for making equipment that competed with AT&T.It decided to get into the computer making business and build Unix computers. It bid on a $115M dollar contract to furnish hundreds of Unix servers to Social Security.When this company did the demo of the equipment it performed well, and there was one tiny box that had a continuously flashing led. When the SS reviewers saw the light, they asked what that was and were told that the bid requested encryption of all when the light was flashing...the computer was encrypting data. This company won the contract and started supplying servers. they also hired the people from the social security that were the decision makers on giving them the contract.Later there was an investigation and it was discovered that their computer had not worked at all when the demo was made. They had put a DEC computer in their box and demo'd that. The flashing light was in fact just a flashing lite, with no encryption. And hiring the people who gave the company the award, was not cool. People went to jail.We still continued to do business with them, they made a fine product. Who was this company?

Glenn Taylor1/9/2016

Your search for answers is quite the paradigm for triva mongers.

Dave Hansen1/9/2016


David Butler1/9/2016


Akita Hank1/9/2016


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/9/2016

Ancel = correct answer!

Bill Bahr1/9/2016

Now known as 'Antel' ?

Subject: Please sign up to attend the FedEx Retiree luncheon on this Thursday.

Charlotte Bergmann1/11/2016

Please sign up to attend the FedEx Retiree luncheon on this Thursday.

Subject: S. Doyle Childress, Jr.Memphis, TNS

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/12/2016

S. Doyle Childress, Jr.Memphis, TNSDoyle Childress, Jr., born on January 9, 1943, as son to Sidney Doyle and Addie Gray Childress and big brother to Jerry Childress. Doyle unexpectedly went to be with his Savior and Lord on January 7, 2016. He is survived by his wife and "soul mate" of 48 years, Eddie Jean Baldwin Childress, his proudest two achievements in life, his sons, Brian Doyle Childress (Kristi) and Collin J Childress (Jennifer). He was blessed with five beautiful grandchildren, Riley Kate, Cooper, Hudson, Colton, and Evie.Doyle had a "Big, "magnetic personality and a unique ability to build successful and sustainable relationships in both life and in business. Doyle's passion for loving and mentoring people yielded him a lifetime of joy in family and professional success throughout his career. Over his 50 year career in Sales and Marketing, Doyle earned multiple national leadership awards as a top sales person and executive at McDonald's Brothers in the consumer products sector for two fortune 500 companies Whirlpool and RCA, and he was also the key contract facilitator in the Nasdaq listing of a local computer technology company, SCB Computer Technology. Doyle ended his career as Regional Vice President of Sales for Cook Systems International.Doyle's professional success was only a secondary to his huge success as a dedicated and loving family man.The family will receive friends on Tuesday, January 12 at Kirby Woods Baptist from 10:00-11:30 with the service to follow immediately. Interment will follow at Memorial Park.- See more at:

Marie McVay1/12/2016

Really, really nice guy!

Subject: FedEx IT history Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx IT history Trivia:A. when Jim Barksdale took over Data Systems, who was his office manager?b. Who was Jim Barksdale's admin who became a Manager in Zap Central?C. What was svp Ron Ponder's occupation before coming to fedex?D. How did fedex clear international shipments faster than other companies?E. Rumormill has it that fedex sold some of the 737's to someone in south america who didnt pay for them,,,,what did they do?

Ron Houston1/13/2016

a. SS, b. SS, c. education, d. 'paid more', e. El Chapo / sent Sean Penn to collect.

Dickie Dunn1/14/2016

A - David John, B - Chuck Jowers

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx TriviaWho was the first lady SVP in Info and Telecom Division (ITD)?

Buddy Johnson1/13/2016


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/15/2016

Answer: Sherry Aaholm the first lady VP in IT was Cynthia Spangler

Terrie Hoerning2/9/2016

I have so much respect for these two executives ‼️

Margie Poston Rhodes2/9/2016


Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx TriviaWho was the first lady SVP in all of FedEx?

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock1/13/2016

Judith Ragola

Buddy Johnson1/13/2016

Carol Presley

Don Rose1/13/2016

Buddy, I thought Carol was VP, not SVP. But I could be wrong.

Danielle Harnisch1/13/2016

You mean female?

Johnnie Edwards1/13/2016

Rogala would be my vote....

Chris Jones1/13/2016

Judith & Carol were about the same time. Hmmm

Kerry Allen Clark1/13/2016

Carol Presley

Danielle Harnisch1/13/2016

The irony

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx Triviaa. What is an mpn? b. What is a PSP? c. What is PST? d. What is a PUP? e. Which came first? origination or destination billing

Buddy Johnson1/13/2016

PSP People Service Profit PST Primary Secondary Tertiary PUP Pick Up Possession Destination billing came first

Buddy Johnson1/14/2016

mpn. Multiple Package Number

Melissa Leech Ziemer1/14/2016

B. People-Service-Profit C. Primary, secondary, tertiary. D. Pickup scan E. Origination.

Dan Elliot1/15/2016


Barry Poole1/15/2016

A. Machine Phone Number

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/15/2016

Answers: a. What is an mpn? Machine Phone Number, each zapmail machine had a phone # b. What is a PSP? People Service Profit c. What is PST? In Operations your Primary, Secondary & Tertiary plans to continue service d. What is a PUP? Pick Up Scan e. Which came first? origination or destination billing Origination Billing came first, then about when POD scans or Proof of Delivery was available, destination billing started

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx TriviaWho was the first SVP of AOD?

Denise Pate Spencer1/13/2016


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/15/2016

Answer: first was Jim Riedmeyer followed by Alan McArtor in 1989

Subject: FedEx Trivia...some math

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/13/2016

FedEx Trivia...some mathyou worked at FedEx for 25 years under the traditional plan and retire at age 59.5 and wife is the same ageAfter a 50% annuity for your spouse....what percentage of your top 3 year average, do you get....before taxes and insurance?a. 50% b. 45 % c. 42% d. 39%

Marsha Terry Rider1/13/2016

3 year? I thought it was average of the top 5...

Deby Abbott Jolley1/14/2016


Subject: It is hard to believe that the WTC in Collierville is 20 years old. It seems like not that long ago ...

Tommy Johnson1/17/2016

It is hard to believe that the WTC in Collierville is 20 years old. It seems like not that long ago we were at the hooker corner on Airways. I can remember coming to work and having to run into the building before the hookers would try to approach you. One year for Halloween all the women came in dressed like hookers The other issue with Airways was in the winter trying to get to work because of all the ice on Airways and the parking lot. Oh the time we had back then. I did miss watching the FedEx Planes come into the airport.

Tommy Johnson1/17/2016

I can remember when we moved in in 1998. What a difference from where we were.

Kay Brown Moody1/17/2016

I'm thinking our group were the or one of the first to move!! Fun times!

Dan Elliot1/17/2016

Wow, hard to believe...

Jim McBryde1/17/2016

Dont forget the rats and snakes from the ditch behind the office.

Kay Brown Moody1/17/2016

I also had a ladybug infestation in my first office - backside. Covered the ceiling & when one with spread its wings & dive, people ran! Shirley Lovelace Williams, remember?

Shirley Lovelace Williams1/17/2016

Yes I remember. Lady bugs everywhere. At least I don't think they bite. I have had them here but think I got rid of them.

Shirley Lovelace Williams1/17/2016

We were one of the first to move. We got to sit in that corner a long time.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/18/2016

some of our Telecom employees spoofing the airways location where automation was located at the time at the Telecom Fall Festival/NonConnah Beach Party

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/18/2016

Subject: WTC Collierville Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/18/2016

WTC Collierville TriviaTrue or False about the WTC in Colliervillea. The buildings at the WTC are numbered 10,20,30,40 etc but were going to be named after mountains and also the conference rooms at one timeb. The WTC was built to save rental costsc. The WTC was going to have a day cared. After the WTC was built, meetings were held back and forth between the airport and the WTC. People started requesting costs for mileage with expense reports; Busses were considerede. There was only one electrical feed to the property for operationsf. FedEx could have purchased the lot across the street from the WTCg. The locked gates between most buildings were there to lease buildings to other companies

Judy Davidson1/18/2016

True-WTC WAS going to have a day care

Marsha Terry Rider1/18/2016

d. true - I requested it myself.

Daria Faye Ellis1/18/2016

a thru e True

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/23/2016

Answers: All are true

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/19/2016

FedEx Trivia1. What FedEx executive put the word 'Power' in front of many IT projects?2. Who was the IT SVP when Cosmos IIa went live (scanning at stations & hub)?3. Who was the IT SVP when Cosmos IIb went live(scanning at customer location)?4. Who was the FedEx SVP credited with stabilizing the young company's finances after startup?

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/29/2016

Answers: 1. Dennis Jones 2. Jim Barksdale 3. Dr. Ron Ponder 4. Pete Wilmott

Deby Abbott Jolley2/16/2016


Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/19/2016

FedEx TriviaWhen FedEx bought RPS it included many companies under it's umbrella. Name any of those companies.

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock1/19/2016


Ron Houston1/19/2016

Roadway Express, Roadway Global Air, Viking Freight, Central Freight Lines, Spartan Express and Coles Express

Dave Hansen1/19/2016

Roadway Package Systems, Roberts Express, Caliber Logistics,Viking Freight

Deby Abbott Jolley1/19/2016

It seemed to me that Caliber was kinda the model used to create FedEx Services.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/22/2016

RPS became FedEx Ground Roberts Express became FedEx Custom Critical Caliber Logistics combined with FedEx Global Logistics Viking Freight which was later combined with American Freightways • Caliber Technology was integrated with FedEx Services

Subject: FedEx Trivia Put any of these fedex events/developments you know, in timeline don't have ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/20/2016

FedEx Trivia Put any of these fedex events/developments you know, in timeline don't have to list all of them in your timeline.a. Powership 3 b. Cosmos IIa c. Fusion d. Dads e. Cosmos f. first Customer Automation g. Purchase of Caliber h. Zapmail i . j. Chronos k. Cosmos IIb

Laurie A. Tucker1/20/2016

E d b h f k a j i g c

Bob Massie1/20/2016


Jimmy Glenn Burk1/22/2016

Answers as I remember, all based on when the apps actually went live. Lauries answers are very close and could be right also. e-Cosmos around 1978 d-DADS around 1980 b. Cosmos IIa around 1981 Scanning with Norand HHT's at stations and hub f. first Cust Automation around 1981 -with launch of AppleII devices h. Zapmail around 1984 k. COSMOS IIb around 1985 Supertracker scanning at cust. location a. PS3 mid 90's i. around 1995 g. Purchase of Caliber 1997-8 j. Chronos-started in early-mid 90's but not actually live until end of the 90's c. FUSION after 2000

Subject: Anyone know why got two 1099-R forms this year?

Mike McNeer1/20/2016

Anyone know why got two 1099-R forms this year?

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/20/2016

I received two also, and looked up this possible explanation: ----------------------------- If this is for a pension account and you have retired or separated from the company holding the retirement account and the distribution is being reported on a form 1099-R, in the year you are 59 1/2 you will receive two form 1099-R's. One for the income received prior to age 59 1/2, usually with a distribution code of 1 or 2 in box 7. One form 1099-R for after you have reached 59 1/2, usually with a distribution code of 7 in box 7 of the form 1099-R. Distribution code 1 is stating Early distribution, no known exception Distribution code 2 is stating Early distribution, exception applies Distribution code 7 is stating Normal distribution

Mike McNeer1/20/2016

I have been past 59 1/2 for awhile. The total of the two 1099's add up to what my yearly income is. The only different this year was I went on Medicare in June.

Laura Ladd Beard1/20/2016

Good question. I got two, as well. Wasn't 59 1/2 this year nor did I go on Medicare.

Subject: Some Medicare tidbits, for those who haven't gone thru the process yet.

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/21/2016

Some Medicare tidbits, for those who haven't gone thru the process yet.Did the medicare supplement, dental, drug and vision yesterday thru oneExchange.Took almost two hours to do both myself and Stephanie. 75% of that time was listening to recorded legal messages about each individual policy. oneExchange was very very helpful, and spent time going thru my drug formulary to get the best prices for us.Vision: you can sign up for a vision plan anytime if you want it. It is about $168 per person and basically covers once a year exam and a pair of glasses. So they advised to just wait a month before you need an exam and then sign up for a VSP. If you are high risk, you can get a free eye exam yearly thru Medicare part B.Dental: Dental plans cost about $30+ a person or around $360 a year. The max payout is about $1000 per year. It does seem to get you some discounts on crowns, but at the payout, you might get 1/2 of one crown per year. Most plans have a waiting period of 6 months before paying out for dental work except for cleaning.Drugs If you put your drug list in the oneExchange system, they have other tools available to compare costs etc. Most drug plans have a deductible of $360 I think, but some plans also waive the deductible if you are purchasing generic drugs. Generic drugs can sometimes cost $0 for a 3 month plan if you are buying generic.$85 dollar a month Health Reimbursement When oneExchange sets up your medigap supplement, dental, vision, drug plans some of the plans require a month payment then either by visa, mastercard or check draft. you can get any of these plans or none of them. they also set a flag that the plan you got is eligible for reimbursement from you FedEx credit, if you have one of those. You receive a packet on how to activate the re-imbursement to automatically deposit the $85 per month into your checking, or to apply it to one of your plans monthly,a few weeks before you Medicare date.

Daria Faye Ellis1/21/2016

Thanks for sharing

Peter Dangerfield1/21/2016

Heads up Jimmy make sure you claim the $85/month correctly it's a two step process. I failed to do step two and lost it forever there is no recovery after the time period. 😡

Jimmy Glenn Burk1/21/2016

Pete, what are the two steps? You only get the packet 2-3 weeks from your cutoff date, which is really a short amount of time.

Peter Dangerfield1/21/2016

Hopefully they have changed the process. I signed up with HR and failed to confirm with CIGNA so it was denied. I call HR who agreed I had requested it but would not make an exception. They must have MBO's to reduce retiree costs!

Gary Phillips1/21/2016

I just qualified for Medicare this year due to being disabled according to SS terms. This doesn't affect my HCSA at all, does it?