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Subject: FedEx may have to think a little harder for this one...

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/25/2016

FedEx may have to think a little harder for this one...Name any of the things, FedEx employees had to do each year...that had nothing to do with actually doing their jobs................

Jim McBryde5/25/2016


Jim Bentley5/25/2016

Back in the early days, work in the hub during rush season.

Akita Hank5/25/2016

What Jim Bentley said!

Raymond Lane Cross5/25/2016


Subject: FedEx Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/25/2016

FedEx Trivia:How many Boeing 727's are flying at FedEx?

Buddy Johnson5/25/2016


Jon Peacock5/25/2016


Eddie Garrison5/25/2016


Debora Williams Waller5/25/2016

They have been retired...... like me

Subject: FedEx Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/25/2016

FedEx Trivia:a. Where was the COSMOS system written?b. Where was the CHRONOS system written?

Raymond Lane Cross5/25/2016

a. COS, b. Orlando?

Akita Hank5/25/2016

Most of Cosmos was written in COS, but it was started in Memphis by the team specifically hired to develop it on ACP (the Wizard of Avis). Then the COS development center was built and they were all located there plus some existing FedEx developers.

Subject: I remember the good ole' days. Do you?

Gary Owens5/26/2016

I remember the good ole' days. Do you?

Terrie Hoerning5/27/2016

I sure do💜

Peter Dangerfield5/27/2016

Oh yea, the good old days with strong purple blood.

Nancy Hinds5/27/2016

Indeed... And even before I worked there. Had a date with a guy 1975 or so and I was to pick him up at a place called FedEx late at night. Drove down on Democrat up to the old Guard gate - said where I was going and buzzed on over to Hangar 7 - parked near a Falcon and hopped out to get him... Who knew I would be there a few years later..

EliMama Black5/27/2016

Best company to work for...ever.

Don Rose5/27/2016

I spent 31 years of my life with this awesome company and, for the most part, enjoyed every minute.

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus5/27/2016

I agree with Don...but 35 yrs for me.

Buddy Johnson5/27/2016

I agree with Don and Charlotte. It was a fantastic ride, met many great folks along the way! And yes, I still bleed Purple 👾🔮⚛☂😈

Dan Elliot5/27/2016

Man! You guys must be old!

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus5/27/2016

Just well preserved!😆

Don Rose5/28/2016

Speak for yourself Char, I'm old.

Debora Williams Waller5/28/2016

I remember the purple planes. I was at FedEx 35 years. I also remember they stopped painting the fuselage purple because it was so expensive and we were buying planes every year.

Subject: FedEx poll question:

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/27/2016

FedEx poll question:As employees of FedEx we received a good many benefits including: -lower cost medical and term life insurance -some travel discounts -funstuff & Discount bulletin boards -cellphone & home internet discounts -special events -and especially bonus'sAs retirees some of the things we get: -our pension checks -OneExchange program which is pretty good for medicare transition -some discounts off the FERC bulletin board -a few car and hotel discounts -$85 subsidy on our medicare supplement for retiree & spouse -a few cellphone discounts(as allowed by these companies), no Internet -ability to get same insurance up to age 65, though expensive -shipping discount -FedEx Retiree Club & some eventsPoll Question: What else would you like for the Corporation to do for you as a retiree, or are you satisfied with what is available to you now?

Jon Peacock5/27/2016

Lower our retiree health insurance for those not old enough for Medicare. Regular "still employed" FedEx employees pay only a fraction of what retirees have to pay for the same Cigna insurance.

Ann Hoff Crum5/27/2016

Being on Medicare now, VISION insurance is expensive and doesn't cover near as well as Davis Vision. ☹️

Kerry Allen Clark5/27/2016

And dental

Sheila Perkins Wright5/27/2016

$85 subsidy on Medicare supplement?

Subject: Inside the cockpit of some Fed Ex aircraft. Cessna 208, Boeing 757,777, DC-10, MD-10, MD-11. I like ...

Gary Owens5/28/2016

Inside the cockpit of some Fed Ex aircraft. Cessna 208, Boeing 757,777, DC-10, MD-10, MD-11. I like these photos, I have never seen inside before.

Subject: Although there have been several posts to this group that explains why Retiree Health Insurance cost ...

Ray Lipham5/29/2016

Although there have been several posts to this group that explains why Retiree Health Insurance costs so much more than Employee Health Insurance, the explanation has often been buried in long chain of comments. Today I just happened to come across a 1993 memo from FedEx Personnel that explains the reason for the difference so I'm posting it as a PDF. In a nutshell, starting in 1994, FedEx had to start recognizing the cost of future retiree health expense as a current expense even if an employee was 20 years away from retirement. To book the expense, FedEx had to assign a value to that expense and the value that was assigned to that expense was 150% of the current (1994) health care costs. Essentially, the retiree health expense was capped in 1994 but health care costs continued to increase. Since the companies contribution was capped and since health care costs have continued to increase, the retiree has had to pick up more of the cost of the health care insurance. From the memo, it appears that the company can increase the cap and I would not be surprised if the cap has not been increased in the last 20 years. However, since the expense is projected for many years in the future, even a small increase in the cap would have a substantial impact on the books and management does not like the color of red ink. Incidentally, about half of all companies that offered retiree health care prior to 1994 dropped it in 1994 because of this change. OK, that's my understanding of the higher cost of retiree health care. Maybe someone who is more financially literate than I can provide a more precise answer. Still, I have found FedEx Retiree Health Care to be the best deal available this side of age 65. If anyone knows of a better deal that does not involve getting another job, I want to hear about it.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/29/2016

All the above true. And below are changes and reasons as I understood them. 1. FedEx changed who could get Retiree Health Insurance due to an IRS accounting change: As stated above, The national group that sets accounting standards decided that companies had to book future expenses(like projected insurance costs for employee retirement) for employee insurance each year in their accounting practices. For that reason, FedEx then changed it's practices that you had to be at the company 20 years before getting the retiree life insurance option(for newly hired employees). Previously you could have started work at Federal Express at age 50, worked 5 years and retired, and could get health insurance at age 55(which was probably $200 a month then). 2. Around 1994 FedEx fixed it's subsidy for retirees in the future. At the time the employee paid something like $250 a month for family insurance, and the company contributed into the insurance pool something like $1,000 a month for each employee. The employee and company contribution was something like $13K per year. Knowing that increased health costs were projected across the country, they limited this subsidy for retirees to something like $400 a month or about $4.5K a year, with the retiree making up the difference in the insurance pool, as costs rose each year. As I understood it, if the total per employee/retiree increases, the companies contribution is fixed for retirees, protecting the companies financial health, but not protecting the retiree's costs. So the company is still contributing to retirees, but not putting itself at risk of losses due to rising health costs. And of course, the subsidy of about $4500 a year stops at Medicare age, but for many retirees, it still provides a subsidy of about $1,020 each for retiree & spouse to be used for Medicare or health premiums for life.

Ann Hoff Crum5/29/2016

Has anyone gotten an individual policy and NOT used the FedEx retiree plan? Might be cheaper.

Ray Lipham5/30/2016

I did look at alternatives and even shopped the ObamaCare website. I was not able to find any cheaper alternatives and generally the alternatives that were closest in premium price to the FedEx plan did not have the coverage of the FedEx plan: the alternatives had higher out of pocket expenses.

Subject: Anyone flown Allegiant Air before? good? bad?

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/29/2016

Anyone flown Allegiant Air before? good? bad?

Jim Bentley5/29/2016

I have several times. No problems.

Laura Ladd Beard5/29/2016

i flew round trip to orlando in february. it was a good experience. for both flights, i paid extra to get my seat assignment early, early boarding and a checked bag. seems like i had to pay for a carry on too. the cost was still reasonable and they were direct flights.

Dan Elliot5/29/2016

we just flew to PA from Orlando... not bad, the only bad point is the seats don't recline... be careful with the "extras" they can add up quickly...

John Wilkinson5/30/2016

Several issues.

Subject: I would love to have one of these for my nephew!

Gary Owens5/29/2016

I would love to have one of these for my nephew!

Don Rose5/29/2016

I'd love to have one for my granddaughter.

Don Rose5/29/2016

I wonder if someone had that made or if they are for sale.

Gary Owens5/29/2016

I found this photo on the net

Linda Cook Thorn5/30/2016

Love one for my Great Grandson.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Answer any below.........

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/30/2016

FedEx Trivia Answer any below.........a. What company was contracted to build the bus sized high power Satellite to be used for future Zapmail communications?b. What company was formed by FedEx to manage the launching of Space Shuttles, planned to be one every week initially?c. Project REDS was to transmit images of all airbills by satellite to remote locations where the info would be keyed overnight, before the packages left the SuperHub; where were the locations initially planned to be located?d. What type aircraft did FedEx purchase to fly passengers?e. Did FedEx ever fly passengers? (other than jumpseat)f. Did FedEx ever have flight attendants?g. What was the largest type of freight that Flying Tigers fly out of South America?h. Who from FedEx served in a high ranking government position?i. Who from FedEx was appointed to chair the recovery from Hurricane Katrina for Mississippi?

Jim Bentley5/30/2016

H: Alan McArtor FAA Head F: Yes, we inherited them from Tigers E: I don't think so

Peter Dangerfield5/30/2016

D 737 E. No Vince Fagan our first marketing genius convinced FWS to stick to our knitting. H TAM

Jim Bentley5/30/2016

Hey Pete, did we not have a couple of 727 QC's that were gonna fly passengers, but then scrapped that idea??

Peter Dangerfield5/30/2016

Jim we purchased five 737 QC aircraft then realized the additional support(food, stews, gate slots, baggage handling etc) to fly passengers during the day and removing and replacing the seats would be a nightmare to keep clean. Hence Vince comment.

Jim Bentley5/30/2016

Ahh, ok. I jump seated on the 737 and remember the crew talking about how much they would enjoy flying passengers..... NOT!! the 727 was a typo.. LOL

Buddy Johnson5/30/2016

Didn't we fly military charters with the 747s?

Kathy Jones Crockett5/30/2016

Jim Bentley, We had employed the guy that developed the Wizard of Avis put the operation program together to change out the aircarft from packages to passengers..... Prior to him coming on board we (customer service) had contracted Sperry Univac to develop a telephone operations, The system never worked as required...(thank God for detail communications with their team) Vince Fagan sent me in to FWS office to tell him the bad news.... He in turn called the Wizard guy,and Charlie Brandon that I would be at Clark Tower to explained what was needed for the operation. That delayed the planned programs for the package/passenger switch out.... And it never came up again to my knowledge....

Peter Dangerfield5/30/2016

Buddy Johnson yes we did

Dave Hansen5/30/2016

A. Hughes Communications. Fedex also bought high powered amplifiers from Varian for this purpose. I know where they went after ExpressOne was cancelled.

Elizabeth Ward Blaylock5/31/2016

I. Jim Barksdale

Buddy Johnson5/31/2016

G. Race cars

Jim Bentley5/31/2016

Or race horses! They are a lot bigger than the cars!! LOL And if you remember how the cargo hold on those old DC-8's smelled, they carried a lot of animals...

Buddy Johnson5/31/2016

LOL. Both pretty big. Was gonna put Shamu the whale but not sure if she ever went to SA

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/1/2016

Answers (to the best of Jimmy's memory...) a. What company was contracted to build the bus sized high power Satellite to be used for future Zapmail communications? Hughes was the correct answer b. What company was formed by FedEx to manage the launching of Space Shuttles, planned to be one every week initially? FedEx SpaceTran c. Project REDS was to transmit images of all airbills by satellite to remote locations where the info would be keyed overnight, before the packages left the SuperHub; where were the locations initially planned to be located? Appalachian mountain area to help Coal miner areas, & Caribbean d. What type aircraft did FedEx purchase to fly passengers? Five Boeing 737's e. Did FedEx ever fly passengers? (other than jumpseat) Yes, it inherited a charter service where Flying Tigers flew military & charter flights. FedEx shut down that service a short time after the purchase. FedEx did receive license to fly passengers between Midway(Chicago) & Memphis but never flew passengers. f. Did FedEx ever have flight attendants? yes, about 300 which came with the Flying Tigers purchase. FedEx shut down the service soon after flight attendant union negotiations were to start. g. What was the largest type of freight that Flying Tigers flew out of South America? Livestock: cows, pigs, horses....and as someone mentioned automobiles h. Who from FedEx served in a high ranking government position? T. Alan McArter, head of the FAA, appointed by Elizabeth Dole. i. Who from FedEx was appointed to chair the recovery from Hurricane Katrina for Mississippi? Jim Barksdale

Subject: Legends of Yore

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/30/2016

Legends of YoreJim Bentley suggested a poll for retiree, or to be retirees, for their jumpseat or other stories over their career at least those that can be printed.Before your memories fail, just post any stories that come to mind. Some of this will be transferred to the FedEx Legends website where there are some stories already listed:

Jim Bentley5/30/2016

Back in the good "ole" days, I jump seated on a Falcon to Lexington,, Ky. We arrived at the ramp and the Van from the station was supposed to meet us to trainload the freight from the plane. We got there just about daylight and NO van. The Captain waited about 10 minutes and said, come on lets unload this freight on the ramp. We have to go on to our next stop. All the freight was dumped on the ramp, I sat on it and the Falcon departed. Oh yes, and it was raining. I sat there over two hours before the van arrived. The driver had overslept. I was soaked, the freight was soaked, and the manager was pissed... LOL This was before cell phones... There was no one in the FBO. I was stuck.....

Kathy Jones Crockett5/30/2016

The week I was to be married, I had to go to Newark, NJ...My commercial flight was cancelled, the only hope I had to get home was on the Falcon Jump seat...The plane was full, I called Tucker Taylor with my desperation, He joked,"well we can get a proxy to stand in for you ".... Then preceded to remove enough freight off the plane to cover my weight to get me home !!!!!

Ray Lipham5/30/2016

I jumped seated a lot, especially when I worked in Operations Audit. Early one mid-winter morning we were flying into Appleton, Wisconsin in a Falcon. It was cold, it was dark, and the ground was covered in snow. We arrived early but the problem with that was that the airport control tower had not opened yet so we had to circle the airport until the control tower opened to give us clearance to land. The captain was clearly perturbed and remarked, "If it was up to me, this part of the country would have never been civilized". The Cheeseheads really enjoyed that story and re-told it like it was a badge of honor.

Karen Sandiford Roberson5/31/2016

My father, John "Buddy" Sandiford, came to work for FedEx in the fall of 1978 as a manager in Fight Operations. I was fortunate enough to secure a part time position in Cash Apps in 1981. As a full time freshman at what was then called "Memphis State", I quickly took advantage of my jump seat privilege, quite frequently camping out at 3am to secure the most sought after flights. On one of these flights, bound for L.A., we had just gotten to our flying altitude when the 2nd officer got up and left the cockpit. Soon after, a red phone in the center of the cockpit rang, the flight Engineer answered it and immediately turned to me and said, "it's for you". Being the naive 18 year old that I was, I didn't hesitate to answer the phone, wanting nothing more than to follow procedures. A voice on the other end of the line identified himself as "Mr. Smith", and he was asking intently if the crew was taking "good care of me", providing me enough beverages and snacks. I quickly responded "yes sir". Only after I had hung up, and the 2nd officer had returned to the cockpit did I realize I had been duped. Years later, I was recanting the story to my father when he disapprovingly replied, "that was YOU?". Apparently I had been the butt of a story he had heard over the years, unbeknownst to him, it was his daughter.

Don Rose5/31/2016

Great story.

Dan Elliot5/31/2016

My most memorable jumpseat was quite a trip! It was long ago, can't remember the year, late 70's early 80's? I frequently used the jumpseat to fly from Denver to other points of interest! Normally through Memphis... on this trip, in a glorious Falcon of course, I'm sure you all remember flying the Falcon jumpseat! A very comfortable piece of metal that folded down from the cabin door! Quite roomy too! Anyway, back to the story,.... We were flying into Memphis from Denver. The flight had gone without any issues until we reached Memphis. As we turned on to the final leg of our landing pattern and about ready to touch down, a FedEx feeder plane pulled right onto the active runway! Our Runway! We were heading straight for it! imminent collision about to take place! The Co-pilot who was flying the plane seemed frozen and the Captain yelled, "I got it!" and took control of the plane. He veered to the left but couldn't avoid the impact! Our right wing was ripped off and the other plane caught on fire! Luckily we didn't!! All I remember after that was the copilot literally climbing over me to get out of the plane! Ha! Probably to change his pants!! anyway, no one was hurt and I got a great story to tell!

Kathy Jones Crockett5/31/2016

I was glad I was skinny then!

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2016

Gary Holmes story It always tickled me how much energy Gary Holmes(communications programmer) could put into something that could make his like easier. As he started doing triatholons across the world, he used jumpseat to the max. He got tired of waiting until the online jumpseat system opened late into the night. In the mid 80's he wrote a Tandem/3270 program that would logon him on automatically and immediately start making reservations for him, so he didn't have to stay up late.... Later, it was Gary who wrote a simple satirical poem and placed it on his Runner's usenet board. It was some satire on why everyone needed to support the pilots who were unionizing. Several pilots that ran & bicycled with him saw it, thought it was funny and passed to some other pilots. In 24 hours that poem was spread around the world and the pilot steering committee used it (as if it was seriously written) as a rallying cry for all pilots to support the union. Gary then received a call, that he had been banned for life from jumpseating...from the union. That banishment didn't hold up and eventually Gary got to jumpseat once again, until we all lost that benefit.

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2016

Jim Bentley, didn't you have a story about installing a DADS system somewhere and someone special drove by and put you on their jet??

Subject: To Infinity & Beyond....

Jimmy Glenn Burk5/31/2016

To Infinity & Beyond....

Subject: FedEx Trivia, answer any of the following:

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/1/2016

FedEx Trivia, answer any of the following:1. Which customer automation device was built for the front office? a. apple II b. PS2 c. PS3 d. Epson meter2. Which of the following did Zapmailers not use for communications? a. 56kbps b. Satellite c. dial up d. LAN3. Which of the following did FedEx or ITD not provide to employees at any time? a. cost of living raises b. Your birthday off as a holiday c. Bonus at Christmas d. jumpseat for spouse4. Zapmail forecasts for the first day was 5,000 documents. How many were actually sent the first day? a. 10 b. 50 c. 500 d. 10005. Who was the CIO of FedEx who had a Physics degree? a. Dr. Ron Ponder b. Rob Carter c. Dennis Jones d. Charlie Brandon

Gary Phillips6/1/2016

2.d 3.d 4.c

Buddy Johnson6/1/2016

5. D

Deby Abbott Jolley6/1/2016


Mary A Johnson6/1/2016

1C, 3D

Marsha Terry Rider6/1/2016

3. wouldn't it include a. as well as d?

Mary A Johnson6/1/2016

We used to get them ... a LONG, LONG, time ago.

Marsha Terry Rider6/1/2016

I wondered, Mary. A lo-o-o-ng time ago, about 1996) I distinctly remember a co-work complaining in a SFA meeting complaining about not getting COLAs. I reminded her that we had a merit-based system and if she wanted COLAs she could go work for IRS or USPS! This is why I was likely not considered a mgmt candidate; just a tad too blunt. He-he.

Buddy Johnson6/2/2016

bet that coworker was a marginal performer!!

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/2/2016

Answers FedEx Trivia, answer any of the following: 1. Which customer automation device was built for the front office? c. PS3 2. Which of the following did Zapmailers not use for communications? d. LAN 3. Which of the following did FedEx or ITD not provide to employees at any time? d. jumpseat for spouse 4. Zapmail forecasts for the first day was 5,000 documents. How many were actually sent the first day? b. 50 5. Who was the CIO of FedEx who had a Physics degree? d. Charlie Brandon

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/2/2016

COST OF LIVING (as I remember it) At one point in the 80's you could get up to a 10% merit increase, every 6 months if under midpoint, or one year if over. The merit system was changed to something like 4% max, but with cost of living raises, which were about 1% a quarter then; Inflation hit and cost of living went to 3% a quarter which we received for a couple quarters..........Before the end of the fiscal year.....all this changed and they settled on 5% max every 6 months or a year...and cost of living went away forever...

Subject: Has anyone seen this...

Charlotte Benton Hieronymus6/1/2016

Has anyone seen this...

Has anyone seen this...

Gale Brewer6/1/2016

Would be a good choice.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Two part trivia question.

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/2/2016

FedEx Trivia Two part trivia question.1. This person was a vp in ITD, and left the company for a promised CIO job at a telecommunications company. There were 13 candidates for his replacement. Who was this person?2. SVP Dennis Jones had all of his current VP's interview all 13 candidates, who had to give their recommendations on which Director nominee to choose. Who did they collectively choose as the new VP to replace the above?

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/4/2016

Answers: 1. Jon Ricker 2. Rob Carter

Subject: Does anyone have retiree benefits (e.g. discount DisneyWorld tix) phone number/website address? Thx.

Susie Coyle Richardson6/3/2016

Does anyone have retiree benefits (e.g. discount DisneyWorld tix) phone number/website address? Thx.

Debora Williams Waller6/3/2016

Is this what you mean?

Susie Coyle Richardson6/3/2016


Jimmy Glenn Burk6/3/2016

There aren't many discounts for disney or travel that I know of. is the official FedEx Retiree Club website. If you join, it lists discount codes for Enterprise, National & Hertz rental services, and some interline websites. It also references this site for some discounts for travel to Disney and other locations: The pilot union has a page listing discount codes for FedEx for airlines & hotels, not sure if it applies to Retirees: Delta lists this webpage for discounts for FedEx employees, not sure about Retirees: THis is a site for FedEx employees for Hilton to quickly get credit for joining Hilton Honors. There was a dedicated page on Marriott's website for employees and retirees, but it has been removed over the last year.

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/3/2016

and for info on discounts for orlando parks I usually look at and click on WALT DISNEY WORLD in the left hand column.

Sharon Fordham6/3/2016 Retiree benefit travel forms, I use for delta/retiree travel .hope this helps

Susie Coyle Richardson6/3/2016

FYI. The disneyworld Swan resort has dropped room rates recently...when I booked in April was $288 for 2 queens... Now $183 (AAA rate).

Subject: RIP

Gary Owens6/4/2016



Subject: Danielle Harnisch shared AwesomeJelly's video to the group: FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Club.

Danielle Harnisch6/9/2016

Speedy Delivery! Don Joewon Song

Subject: For the Hard of Hearing FedEx Retirees:

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/10/2016

For the Hard of Hearing FedEx Retirees:For you retirees who can't hear the words coming out of your flat screen TV very well, I tried the $30 sound reflectors instead of using my soundbar. Worked as good as the soundbar to me. is also an alternative at but they are out of stock until the summer.

Ron Houston6/11/2016

For the Hard of Hearing FedEx Retirees:

Subject: Generations

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/10/2016

GenerationsI came from a family of 6 children. From those six, our family is now about 53 humanoids and continue to grow. We grew up initially, without a lot of things but had each other. Nothing much riled us and our emotions were pretty much calm and collected, in happiness and stress.My two sons work at FedEx, Jonathan is a manager and Josh is a technical architect. One of Josh's coworkers put out this guide to his emotions...pretty funny and also probably correct!I put out the second photo...

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk6/11/2016

FedEx Triviaa. Who is this person? b. What did she do at FedEx? c. What does she do in retirement?

Buddy Johnson6/11/2016

Rhonda Kay Coop. She worked the Personnel area, rep for IT. She artist.