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When I started in February 1980 almost no one ever retired. When employees did reach their 25th anniversary, the company started giving framed Collages of photos and events from your 1st year.

Winn Stephenson reached his 25th anniversary after FedEx Services IT was formed. He inquired if Services was going to award these momentos and no one knew. After some research, Services decided to carry on this tradition and Winn got his collage. My anniversary was in 2005 and I received the framed collage below. Mine had 'who shot JR'; DADS development for which I was a major contributor, John Lennon's death, US Olympic hockey team etc.

I don't know if this is still done, but it was a very nice keepsake. Thanks to Winn for re-initiating this tradition.

Also, in the early days FedEx provided silver spoons to babies born to employees. My youngest son, Jonathan was born in May 1980 and received one.