Cigna Drug Thread from facebook Jan 2014

Deby Abbott Jolley

Is anyone else having trouble with prescriptions? Evidently there is some kind of mix-up with Cigna and/or ExpressScripts and/or FedEx - so we're not covered for prescriptions now...


Sandy Butler Lewis I went through that same issue. As a retiree you don't get the Express Scripts now but instead Cigna has a new ID# that your pharmacy needs to file prescripts thru.


Demetra 'Dee' Hickerson Did this start with the new year? I haven't filled any yet, but got one that I will need to before the weeks out.


Gary Phillips I got one on Jan 2 without issues. Unless something has changed again, retiree prescriptions have no ties to express scripts. You should be using your regular Cigna caard for prescriptions.


Deby Abbott Jolley I was able to use Cigna for prescriptions last year (through the end of December) - but when I tried to get a refill of one that was filled under Cigna last year - they said we don't have coverage this year.


Deby Abbott Jolley Demetra 'Dee' Hickerson - Maybe try to get yours filled now - to see if your coverage is messed up like ours...


Sandy Butler Lewis Gary is right if you have your new Cigna card for 2014, make sure your pharmacy is filing against that one.


Terrie Hoerning I had the same issue with Express Scripts and found out we have to use Cigna for our mail order RXs.


Jean Evans Kirksey Yes, retirees use Cigna for prescriptions. Retirees never had Express Scripts even though non-retirees did...not sure why.

Deby Abbott Jolley I retired May 31, 2013 - and didn't have any problem with the changeover to Cigna for prescriptions then - but I guess the problem started Jan 1. (sigh)


Gary Phillips I did too Deby. I didn't find out about Cigna until I tried to get one filled in July. I called Benefits and they couldn't tell me anything. I finally called Cigna and they explained it. I.m guessing any problems now are because of a change in our Cigna cards but I have had a problem.


Terrie Hoerning I retired the end of May as well and I found out about Cigna covering the RXs shortly after that.


Peter Dangerfield I don't have FDX or Uncle Sam drug coverage, I just ask Kroger for their reward discount and instead of $60 I get it for $16. Don't know how long it will last but good for now, just used it this year.


Marsha Terry Rider I have been calling CIGNA and Benefits dept on average about every 3 days since mid-November trying to at least be sure I have coverage. I have yet to get a 2014 Enrollment packet but they said they were not mailed out until 12/26. But YAY!!! I got a combined 2013/14 premium bill today (go figure how they know what I haven't elected yet!). Fortunately it has an address for Overnight Delivery -- off to FedEx Office!!! I FINALLY got my 2014 Cigna card a few days ago. In fact I got it a few days before the 2013 card...confusing. However I was able to fill prescriptions locally mid-December without a card after I called Cigna and got the new group number. The ID is the same but the retiree plan group number is different. That at least meant I had December coverage. As an aside, though, I tried to use my brand spanking new savings plan CR card and they wouldn't take it in December -- just another task to work on for January. :-)gotta have SOMETHING to do! Everything is backed up because of the late plan finalization (to ensure minimum ACA requirements), increased retirement volume so close to the normal active employee new enrollments and the delivery delays in the December due to bad weather. Hang in there and keep calling. Now aren't you glad you asked? :-)


Gary Phillips Good luck getting anyone in the retirement benefits area that can help. I think it's the same people there using for navigators for ACA.


Marsha Terry Rider Gary Phillips - the "expert" took the Nov buyout! LOL (not really funny, I know).


Marsha Terry Rider Peter Dangerfield - as I understand it you may can get similar deals at Costco &/or Sams and you don't have to be a member. By state law they have to let you in to go to the pharmacy. :-)


Peter Dangerfield Thanks Masher, will check them out. I hope retirement is agreeing with you?


Marsha Terry Rider Peter Dangerfield - so far it has! I LOVE sleeping in. But I've been pretty busy doing what used to be extracurricular activties and of course on the phone with Benefits, Retirements and Cigna. :-) How on earth did I ever do all that before???? Is retirement agreeing with you?


Peter Dangerfield Yes but have the same complaint with long phone call with all the agency's. Love being my own boss, well at least I think I do until Suzanne reorders my list on to-do's! I love everyday being a weekend. :)


Sandy Butler Lewis so I got a combined 2013/2014 premium bill today as well...a little under $1000! they reall went up in the premium price & I haven't received my insurance selection packet yet either. I'm assuming they will adjust the premium I now have to pay IF I decide on lesser coverage plan? Anyone know if they do that? I guess time will tell


Marsha Terry Rider Sandy Butler Lewis - they told me the enrollment date has been extended (can't remember the date in January) because of the delay in getting the packets. I suspect that like your 2013, they are defaulting to the last one you had as an active employee until they can get the new enrollment. I know adjustments are possible because they called me to tell me I may need an credit adjustment related to another issue. I wouldn't take any chances not paying it on time. The World On Time, baby. That's what my T-shirt says.


Sandy Butler Lewis Gotcha Wanda. Thanks for the info.


Carol Kabakoff Yes. Call Cigna. I had to hold for 45 mins. The agent said that I had a system glitch. He said he updated my file and said to call Kroger and ask them to rerun it. Said the problem should be fixed.


Carol Kabakoff Also he said that active employees are covered by express scripts. Retirees are covered by Cigna.


Deby Abbott Jolley Carol - That's what they told me when I called Cigna 3 days ago - but when I called them back today (because I had tortured CVS to re-run it about 27 times each day) - they told me there was some confusion about whether FedEx was using Cigna or ExpressScripts for their prescriptions. I'll call them again - and see if I get the first guy again - and see if he will call CVS with me. Good thing I'm retired!


Gary Phillips We need to handle the glitch (Office Space).

Yep, when you call them, carve out a couple hours of your day. You can get more info here than making that call. I don't know where they find these people and if they considered training any of them.


Marsha Terry Rider Thats how I understand it Carol Kabakoff. However, does anyone remember reading somewhere that the Cigna drug plan for retirees HAS to be mail-order? I need to look through my stuff.


Carol Kabakoff Marsha I don't mail order. I get meds at Kroger thru Cigna.


Deby Abbott Jolley OK - I finally got it worked out - after four calls to Cigna and two to FedEx. Cigna showed that I was on the plan that prescriptions were covered by ExpressScripts - but FedEx said (rightly) that I was on the plan covered by Cigna. I was on the phone with Cigna for almost two hours today. (sigh) The solution occurred when FedEx got Cigna on the call - and they fixed my records. Good thing I'm retired.


Marsha Terry Rider Thanks Carol Kabakoff - good news. I have a couple of prescriptions that I filled locally last year because I could not trust the ES auto-refill and can't afford to miss a dose.


Marsha Terry Rider You Go Deby Abbott Jolley (doing the work of 3 men)!


FedEx Retiree Insurance Question:
Are we supposed to get an Health card for our Health spending account? went to a clinic today and they asked me this question, or whether the cigna pays the clinic directly from that account?
Deby Abbott Jolley: I'm expecting that we will get a card - but haven't received one, yet...

Linda Cook Thorn: Are you talking about your insurance or your annual retirement benefit which is already in your 'extend Health' account from which you get reimbursed after submitting documentation ?

Gary Phillips I heard from someone that we would get a card but haven't gotten anything.

Jimmy Glenn Burk: I think they were asking did I have a Health Spending account card or debit card...I gave them my new Cigna Insurance card.

Linda Cook Thorn: I received a YSA debit card shortly after my retirement in June. The amount to last 5 years was for the VBO.
There's another account for qualified retirees only that is deposited in that account annually and rolls over year after year if you don't submit reimbursement claims for it.

Gary Phillips: Everybody that took the VBO got the $25,000 account. I assumed Jimmy was asking about the new $400 acct.

Ray Lipham:Jimmy, I think you are referring to the money that FedEx puts into the account for pre-65 retirees: $400 for Retiree Only, Spouse Only, or Child Only; $650 for Retiree & Child(ren), Spouse/Partner & Child(ren), or Two or More Children Only; and $800 for Retiree & Spouse/Partner or Retiree, Spouse/Partner & Child(ren). If that is the case, no, you will NOT get a card. When CIGNA processes the claim,they will apply those funds to the claim until they are exhausted. After those funds are exhausted, your EOBs will start showing that you owe money to the provider and the provider will bill you that amount. You pay nothing on the front end because the provider has no way of knowing your liability until the claim is processed.

Ray Lipham: The above also applies if you are a buy-out employee. You should not attempt to use your YSA debit card to pay the provider until after the claim is already processed by CIGNA. Otherwise, the reimbursement process would be very messy with over billings.

Linda Cook Thorn:I'm not eligible for Cigna and obviously much older than most of you-- post 65. Hope I didn't confuse anyone. Good luck and Happy New Year all.

Jimmy Glenn Burk: Ray, thanks for the info.

Gary Phillips: So that $400 is more or less automatic Ray?

Ray Lipham: Gary, it is pretty much automatic. You don't have to do anything for it to be used to pay your deductibles. Also, if you don't use the full amount, it rolls over to the next year.

Buddy Johnson: Contact Your Spending Account™ www.extendhealth.com/fedex

Ray Lipham: I believe the ExtendHealth accounts are for the post-65 employees, who are on Medicare while the account I explained above is for pre-65 employees on FedEx Retiree Health Insurance.

Buddy Johnson: Ray, that is correct. Extend Health is for post-65 employees