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Winn's All Mgmt Meeting at Millington Air Base around 1989

Ezra Fried: I think we had to build a raft and ferry our teammates across the lake. I think I have some photos of that event.

If I am not mistaken, this is the same mgmt camp with Angie and Jimmy successfully completing some type of assigned the tree to the right is Denise Wood...either completing a task or hiding in a tree



FedEx Legends Photo @ Belmont Grill April 1st, 2013

** Winn brought cupcakes for someone's birthday.

Larry Netter, Winn Stephenson, Belinda Watkins, Jimmy Sowell & Jimmy Burk

Photos of Halloween @ 2828 Business Park

Photos Halloween '95
Photos '96
Photos '97


Winn Retirement
Jimmy's Retirement
Jimmy Sowell Retirement
Carla (Slattery) Moore Retirement

Marie McVay 25th Anniversary

Marie McVay & Winn Stephenson
Anniversary Cake
25th Anniversary Plaque