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Dawn Taylor Bush2/10/2015

Larry Netter

Mike Mitchell2/10/2015

Got to go with Netter...

Don Rose2/10/2015

I just know Murray is a shooter.

Roge Rogers2/10/2015

Larry Netter

Jim Gonka2/10/2015

He was the one who originally hired me! Fellow Marine too!

Drew Perkins2/10/2015


Judy Davidson2/10/2015

Larry was a marine? Not a bit surprised, however, did not know that.

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/10/2015

Answer: Larry Netter was correct!

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/11/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizThe Norand Smartbase connected quadracks to shoe the SuperTrackers to transmit scans to COSMOS and also charge the SuperTrackers. The first design had a keyboard, since it was basically a PC.Someone looked at that design and said something like " I don't want a keyboard on it...given enough time..even monkeys on a keyboard would screw up the system" . Hence a keypad was put on the Smartbase and keyboard removed.Name the Person who said this?

Don Rose2/11/2015

Sounds like something JLB would say.

Buddy Johnson2/11/2015

LOL. Could be right, Don.

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

Answer is ???:

Dan Elliot2/12/2015

ah... ronnie boy...

Don Rose2/12/2015

I can see that.

Vicki Shirey Sanders2/12/2015


Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

Correct Answer: Dr. Ron J. Ponder

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizWhat project gave an immediate 30% ROI. Most couriers who had been working overtime to 6 or 7pm, were able to finish most of their routes by 3pm after the first week of operations

Peter Dangerfield2/12/2015

Courier Route Planning?

Jim Bentley2/12/2015


George Moore2/12/2015

As Jim said "DADS".

Akita Hank2/12/2015

It had to be DADS!

Carl Wayne Hardeman2/12/2015

No overtime pay policy?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/14/2015

DADS is the correct answer. Typically 80%+ of the couriers received their dispatches by finding a phone and calling the station, which meant you had to have lots of people answering the phones. About 20% were given to the courier whenever he contacted the dispatcher. Even then only basic info in an 8 second burst was given to the courier, basically the street address and customer. When DADS was installed, all the people answering the phone were mostly put on other tasks. Dispatches could get from Customer service to the station in 30 seconds or less, and be in the terminal in the van, a few seconds after the dispatcher chose the route. The system was originally meant to go into the top 30 cities, but eventually went almost everywhere.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizIf you wanted to transport non conveyables....packages(skis, golf clubs etc) that wouldn't fit on a regular conveyor belt, around the late 1990's, and you called UPS....what would UPS tell you?

Dave Hansen2/12/2015

Bend over?

Margaret Burkeen2/12/2015

Call fedex?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

Margaret is correct....UPS determined they weren't making enough money on these type shipments, even though they had the product...they tried to divert customers to FedEx

Subject: Breakfast Club Poll

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

Breakfast Club PollName a Benefit that existed when you were hired...that current employees don't have today.....can be in IT or the company

Dave Hansen2/12/2015

Jump Seat!!!

Marsha Terry Rider2/12/2015

discounted ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase)

Peter Dangerfield2/12/2015

Traditional Pension Plan

Gary Phillips2/12/2015

There are a bunch. Those are probably the top 3. One minor one that was nice was the fuel farm and the access to cheap fuel.

J. David White2/12/2015

Christmas hams for all. Annual IT Christmas parties.

Deby Abbott Jolley2/12/2015

There used to be a benefit where if an employee died, FedEx would pay 1/2 their salary to their spouse for ten years. (I'm not making that up, am I?)

Gary Phillips2/12/2015

Never heard of that one Deby. If it's true, I'm glad I didn't die and my ex didn't get half my salary.

Deby Abbott Jolley2/12/2015

It was replaced with regular life insurance, I think.

Gary Phillips2/12/2015

That's interesting. I'm sure there were some strange things/policies early on that a lot of us don't know about.

Deby Abbott Jolley2/12/2015

It was definitely before RPS.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Question

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/12/2015

FedEx Trivia QuestionIn May 1973, with Federal Express greatly needing capital, this company stepped in and guaranteed a loan of $23.7M with the option to purchase 80% of Federal Express stock for $16M.a. who was the company? b. why did they not exercise the option to purchase 80% of the company?

Dave Hansen2/12/2015

A) La Cosa Nostra B) Jimmy Hoffa disappeared with the paperwork?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/13/2015

Answer: a. General Dynamics b. They recently had invested large capital in a shipyard and didn't want to further stretch their resources and also they were concerned they might start being governed by the Civil Areonautical Board (any company with a controlling interest in an airline were subject to their reviews)

Johnnie Edwards2/13/2015

If UPS would have had a younger board at the time, they would have purchased us....too conservative at the time.....

Sherry Little2/13/2015

General Dynamics

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/13/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizAnswer any of these history questions. Where did the following happen?a. FedEx bought a company, had trouble with couriers because they weren't allowed to wear high fashionable shoesb. FedEx bought a company and offered jobs to all the employees, one turned down the job, because it wasn't flexible enough for his surfing schedulec. FedEx bought a company with it's own mini computer, and one programmer. Computer systems was in a basement and had a birds nest built on top of itd. Average network response time from a computer terminal in the 80's was targeted at 5 seconds; in these places response time was 30 seconds to one minutee. At this FedEx location the satellite dish is pointed almost horizontal to the ground

Dave Hansen2/16/2015

B) Los Angeles. He worked for Flying Tigers. NancyBoy

Dave Hansen2/13/2015

E) Anchorage?? Very strange azimuth and elevation??

Laurie A. Tucker2/13/2015

JImmy, where in the heck to you get this stuff? Amazing!

Sheila Turnage Harrell2/13/2015

The company was Flying Tigers

Sheila Turnage Harrell2/13/2015

Jimmy, you are awesome. Thanks for the great content.

Deby Abbott Jolley2/13/2015

A) has to be Italy, right?!?

Jon Peacock2/13/2015

Flying Tigers.... What a fun project!

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/15/2015

Answers: Where did the following happen? a. FedEx bought a company, had trouble with couriers because they weren't allowed to wear high fashionable shoes Italy b. FedEx bought a company and offered jobs to all the employees, one turned down the job, because it wasn't flexible enough for his surfing schedule Flying Tigers/Los Angeles c. FedEx bought a company with it's own mini computer, and one programmer. Computer systems was in a basement and had a birds nest built on top of it? also Italy(an IBM AS400) d. Average network response time from a computer terminal in the 80's was targeted at 5 seconds; in these places response time was 30 seconds to one minute anywhere outside the USA & Canada(whomever was the president of Intl at the time, wouldn't give the Intl Telecom group any money to upgrade. When Ron Ponder was put over Intl IT, he told his people...just get it down....then Intl response times were better than the stations) e. At this FedEx location the satellite dish is pointed almost horizontal to the ground Alaska

Carl Wayne Hardeman2/15/2015

FedEx Ground in Moon PA had two AS400's if I remember correctly. I got sent there to explain they needed a third system to do integration testing on.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/15/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizThere have been quite a few people who taught in college while working for Federal Express; here are some of themProfessorsWho am I ? a. I was a professor at Univ of Memphis teaching math and Operations; became CIO of Federal Express?b. I was an adjunct professor at the CBU Telecom Institute teaching professional courses and developed about 8 courses for ATT, Bellsouth and others thru CBU; wrote DADS communications software, and helped with the SuperHub startup?c. I was a professor at CBU teaching Satellite math; I came to FedEx from NASA?d. I was a professor at Phoenix College, and now Victory College; came to FedEx from DCC where I was the Director of Operations?e. I was a professor at the UofM teaching computer modelling; was the CTO of Deloitte & Touche and later Asurion, but now retired ?f. I came to FedEx from the FAA working on the Tandems in Zapmail. Taught C programming at State Tech?

Gary Phillips2/16/2015

A. Dr Ponder B. Jimmy Glenn C. Dick Braley D. E. A. Kong F.

Jill Bradbury Greer2/16/2015

e. Antony Kong

Subject: Professors (continued) Who am I ?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/16/2015

Professors (continued) Who am I ?g. I was the SVP of Ground Ops, Pres of Ingram Micro and guest professor at Ohio State Universityh. I was instrumental in developing the FedEx Customer Service Workstation, upgrading the Rockwell ACD's to ANI, was Director at NCR and now on staff at as MD Enterprise Architecture at Ohio Statei. I taught at State Tech, Univ Memphis, CBU over 30 years.j. I was VP of Telecom, professor in Masters Program at Univ of Arkansas...I am an expert Astronomer and climber of many Mountains

Buddy Johnson2/16/2015

G. Jeff Rodek. Super nice guy

Marsha Terry Rider2/16/2015

I. Carl Wayne Hardeman

Sheila Turnage Harrell2/16/2015

g. Jeff Rodek - very good boss H. Randy Roy??? Is he at Ohio State now?

Carl Wayne Hardeman2/16/2015

Bob Higgins and Thayne Shank were long time college instructors!

Bruce Lindow2/16/2015

j. Randy Roy

Bob Higgins2/17/2015

I never taught after I finished graduate school. I taught calculus at the school I attended, and COBOL, and control panel wiring at a nearby business college.

Sheila Turnage Harrell2/17/2015

Jimmy- you are on staff at Ohio State???? Didn't know. Good for you!

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/17/2015

I taught in the late 80's for Christian Brothers Telecommunications Institute; Jeff Rodek is a guest lecturer for Ohio State and David Pike is a Director on Staff at Ohio State

Subject: .FedEx Trivia Quiz (Professors)

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/17/2015

.FedEx Trivia Quiz (Professors)Good answers from all: a. Dr. Ron J. Ponder b. Jimmy Burk c. Dick Braley d. Dewey Hemphill e. Antony Kong f. Jimmy Willis g. Jeff Rodek h. David Pike I. Carl Hardeman j. Randy Roy

Subject: FedEx Trivia Around 1987 an action item came up at a Ponderama meeting. VP Harry Dalton wanted to pu ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/17/2015

FedEx Trivia Around 1987 an action item came up at a Ponderama meeting. VP Harry Dalton wanted to put SuperTrackers in Seoul Korea, to track packages for the Summer Olympics. He had asked for a data circuit to Korea, to connect the Smartbase which allowed the SuperTrackers to communicate with COSMOS.Ann Roberts was the Intl Representative. Ann was unique in that she had been in the military and her standard attire was wearing military boots. She stood up and gave status of the order to Harry. 'Mr. Stephensonnnnnnn(with long drawn out n's).....has not yet approved the installation of this we have no status............'. Mr Winn Stephenson was her VP, whom she had probably never met in person.Harry looked dumbfounded and said something like...'Well, Mr. Stephensonnnnnn is just being cheap.....tell him I will pay for the circuit........!!!" . Ann nodded, and looked relieved.I decided to speak up...and said "Harry....I'm not sure you want to do that....... the cost is $$$$$$$"; Harry, with a look of awe on his face...turned to Ann and said "Well...thennnn...WE will just let Mr. Stephensonnnn work this out."What was the monthly cost of a circuit to Korea from Memphis at the time? a. $,2500/month b. $5,000/month c. $10,000/month d. $20,000/month

Marsha Terry Rider2/17/2015

just guessin' c. - I remember Ann - she was a very nice lady but no nonsense.

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/19/2015

Correc Answer D: @20K per month


Jimmy Glenn Burk2/19/2015

Gary Phillips2/19/2015

Pretty cool but that will never work.

Jon Peacock2/19/2015

This is always cool. Watch it in real time on

Jere Bledsoe2/19/2015

Remarkable!! The MEM ATCs sure earn their pay.

Jon Peacock2/19/2015

The MEM ATC controllers are the best!

Subject: Why Federal Express became FedEx

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/19/2015

Why Federal Express became FedEx

Jim McBryde2/19/2015

When i started back in tracing, there were two words we were not allowed to use - fedex and hub. We had to use the entire name federal express and we had to refer to the hub as our sorting facility. I remember going to the "hub" auditorium for the announcement of the name change to "fedex". It took awhile to get used to using both as we had been so indoctorated not to use either.

Subject: Special Delivery FedEx

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/19/2015

Special Delivery FedEx

Special Delivery FedEx

Subject: Happy Birthday Dr. Ron J. Ponder!

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/21/2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Ron J. Ponder!

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/22/2015

From Dr. Ponder's Facebook Page: I want to thank all of my friends and classmates for the birthday wishes. I appreciate you thinking of me!

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz:

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz:The first two Federal Express Jets were named ______________ and ______________

Dan Elliot2/23/2015


Laurie A. Tucker2/23/2015

And Laurie...Fred's first two daughters.

Sherry Little2/23/2015


Peter Dangerfield2/23/2015

Wendy and Lisa

Jane Meredith Robbins2/23/2015

My daughter had a plane.....Stephanie Jill

Subject: FedEx Pilot History (PDF File)

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

FedEx Pilot History (PDF File)

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizHow did this Customer Automation device communicate with the mainframe to transfer Billing information? And who was the Manager over Production control that handled this, and Cosmos IIa device support?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

Raymond Rider Lemme see if I can guess this! It dialed up on modem banks connected to Tandem host. This was before my time! James W Jim LeMaster The users sent in the tapes & a "printout" of the little paper.

Steven Swanberg2/23/2015

No it wasn't Jimmy! This was the famous "Communicating Meter" which replaced couriers picking up those little answering-machine sized Epson cassette tapes with pickups at large customer sites. In fact, when we brought the first 7 Communicating Meters located in California online dialing into the Tandem host (which did Async communication better than IBM Front End Processors) . . . why did we get a call from a Director in Revenue telling us to "shut down those damned meters"? (HInt, it had to do with our policy of never billing wihtout providing P.O.D. Proof Of Delivery)

Jim McBryde2/23/2015

There were receipts and a casette. It was estimated at that time that only about 30% were ever actually billed. Randy jacobs managed it. They were stacked up everywhere. I think the department was called pipeline.

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/24/2015

Answers were mostly correct: micro-cassettes were shipped to memphis, and much of the billing was missed. I believe it was Randy Jacobs, who reported to Jimmy Sowell at the time that managed this; and Cosmos IIa devices.

Chris Apalodimas2/25/2015

Jimmy, you just described the original 'Pipeline' process for the cassettes coming into memphis & getting uploaded into billing. I wrote the procedures for the couriers to put one copy in an Overnight Letter and send to MEM. I believe they used to keep the paper tape as backup. The original rollout of the 'Epson Meters' was about 50 I belive, the program was run by Craig Bell from Sales. On the first go-round, the Sales Exec would use a password and enter the sales rates into the machine. Also, they would only do so AFTER receiving a check from the customer!! They would just ship until the money ran out ! We tested the first two at Holiday Inn and Otis Elevator.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

FedEx Trivia QuizIn what year did Federal Express have it's first stock offering, and what was the price per share?

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/23/2015

Marcie Littles Moss April 12, 1978 at $24.00 per share Don Rose Employee Stock Purchase at $20.40 per share (15% discount) I believe. Jim Bentley Hmmmm, I thought the unit price was $20. And employee price was $17. With a limit of 200 shares per employee. Don Rose Jim, the limit was 1500 shares, but they kept the offer open well past the IPO date and it was so over subscribed that those who requested (and paid for) 1500 shares ended up with 333 shares and a refund from the balance of their payment. Don Rose I still blame Tucker Taylor for me not being wealthy, because he was the person that was adament about keeping the offer open.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz Name these FedEx Development Locations

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/24/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz Name these FedEx Development Locationsa. This facility was started to develop a new billing system. The original billing system had around 60 people in a COBOL environment. Staffed originally by Anderson Consulting it grew to over 500 supporting a Unix/C environment, replacing a part of the mainframe development.b. This facility was the Advanced Systems Group originally, started to attract ACP programmers from other airlines.c. This facility was started by displacing 90 COBOL programmers in Memphis and using the reqs for this city. The group mostly did AGFS development and grew to about 150 employees.d. This development facility was in a Hangar and was inherited from Flying Tigers.e. This development facility was very small, probably a few programmers who supported Latin America and the Caribbean

Carl Wayne Hardeman2/24/2015

a. Orlando, b. COS c.Los Colinas d. LAX e. Miami

Dave Hansen2/24/2015

B is definately COS. Had to do with the number of ACP programmers in that part of the country. I think SABRE was based in Denver.

Carl Wayne Hardeman2/24/2015

I worked for American Express in Memphis using PARS which was older version of ACP. Where else in FedEx is/was ACP used? Winn Stephenson worked there too.

Dave Hansen2/24/2015

ACP was superceded by TPF back in the early 80's. Fedex still uses TPF in the KIAC system.

Jimmy Glenn Burk2/25/2015

Answers: a. Orlando/Maitlind b. Colorado Springs (COS) c. Dallas d. Los Angeles (LAX) e. Miami