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Subject: FedEx Trivia Quiz:

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/10/2015

FedEx Trivia Quiz:1. What was the computer programming language of the first Customer Automation Device? 2. The first programming language for the SuperTracker and COSMOS IIb?

Don Beethe10/10/2015

I know the language for the tracker was called Forth.. Cosmos IIB started out on Tandem,but then with death of zapmail, moved to the mainframe in COBOL.. I was hired for IIB..

Buddy Johnson10/10/2015


Jim McBryde10/11/2015

Yep basic automation.

Subject: FedEx Trivia DADS was just one of the major initial projects developed by the company . It allowed d ...

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/10/2015

FedEx Trivia DADS was just one of the major initial projects developed by the company . It allowed dispatches to be transmitted wirelessly to the couriers in about a minute after the customer request.Which of the following are NOT TRUE concerning why this system was developed?a. Our competition was buying radios with our crystals to listen to our dispatches and get customer addressesb. We could only transmit about 10-20% of the dispatches by radio by voice, couriers had to find phones to callc. We had to staff the stations with dozens of employees just to answer courier phone callsd. Fred wanted ite. The larger stations were burning overtime hours and getting in really latef. FedEx wanted to be more technical that UPS

Penny Hitchcock Hopper10/10/2015


Melissa Leech Ziemer10/10/2015


Peggy Dawson Black10/11/2015

A. My wild guess!

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/12/2015

F is the only item NOT TRUE...the others influenced the project...led by Jim Moore & Richard Dunn with expert programming & design by Jim Bentley & Jimmy Burk & later Gary Holmes

Subject: Deby Abbott Jolley shared Shonah Brian Sprouse's photo to the group: FedEx ITD Retiree Breakfast Clu ...

Deby Abbott Jolley10/11/2015

Fedex Employees who throw the mailers away. You just threw away $100/$200 if married. Don't forget to fill out the WBA again this year for the additional $100/$200 if you and the spouse complete it. Only takes 10 minutes. If you don't know the answer leave it blank. It still counts as long as you complete it. See #2 on the picture. Why not do it now, you're reading this, your online. Some I tagged no longer work there but know folks who do

Ann Hoff Crum10/11/2015

Katie Sandie York Snell, see #2 for Dan as a covered spouse .

Katie Sandie York Snell10/11/2015


John Wilkinson10/11/2015

Just tried to go. Looks like you must be an active employee.

Deby Abbott Jolley10/12/2015

Thanks, John.

Subject: Who remembers these folks?

Angela Maynard10/12/2015

Who remembers these folks?

Buddy Johnson10/12/2015

Diane Tuttle on right. Standing on right is Archie. Don't remember his last name

George Moore10/12/2015

Archie Bennett. Paul Maynard standing. Irene Williams standing. I think Gary Phillips, second from right?

Peter Dangerfield10/12/2015

Jim Colson in the light shirt

Marcie Littles Moss10/12/2015

The guy on the left in the suit is Harry Shiers.

Irene Williams10/12/2015

The girls are Irene Williams and Diane Tuttle.

Gary Phillips10/12/2015

Don't think its Gary Phillips. Maybe Richard Maingault on the right corner?

Gary Phillips10/12/2015

Could be me but don't remember it. Was in Network Eng at that time.

Angela Maynard10/12/2015

I think it is Gary Phillips.

Gary Phillips10/12/2015


Gary Phillips10/13/2015

My wife says it's me.


Jimmy Glenn Burk10/13/2015

Subject: Tommy Boullion, Steve Fittes, Phillip Casey and Ken Pasley at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (May 26)

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/13/2015

Tommy Boullion, Steve Fittes, Phillip Casey and Ken Pasley at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (May 26)

J. David White10/13/2015

Vroom Vroom!

Subject: Good News Update: FedExr John Schwarzmann is home from rehab!

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/14/2015

Good News Update: FedExr John Schwarzmann is home from rehab!

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/14/2015 : some of the story of Customer Automation beginnings with Mark Ramsey & Lydle Simpson

Gary Owens10/15/2015

Get well soon Mr.Schwarzmann

Subject: Does anyone remember Dave Shepard? I saw his obit in the paper yesterday. He was a Burroughs guy and ...

Diane Conner White10/15/2015

Does anyone remember Dave Shepard? I saw his obit in the paper yesterday. He was a Burroughs guy and left after the Cook/IBM acquisition. (I think).

Peter Dangerfield10/15/2015

My condolences Hiram and family.

Don Rose10/15/2015

So sorry to see this. I enjoyed work with Dave.

Buddy Johnson10/15/2015

Yes. I remember Dave. Nice guy. Condolences to his family

Subject: FedEx Poll:

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/16/2015

FedEx Poll: Of the following, which would you vote for your most favorite restaurant in your FedEx career...

or list another one. these were the top choices in a poll a few months ago..



Italian Rebel

Leonard's BBQ


Catfish Cabin

Fred Gangs

91st Bomber Group Restaurant

Jim's Place Grille


The Pizza Inn


La Baguette

Silver Caboose


Half Shell


Natl GuardArmory

Circle Cafe on Brookhaven


Peggy Dawson Black10/16/2015

Italian Rebel

J. David White10/16/2015

Fred Gang's

Dave Hansen10/16/2015


Terrie Hoerning10/16/2015

Dave's for chicken and dressing with a side order of greens.

Terrie Hoerning10/16/2015

Dale's not Dave's (spell check ugh!)

Penny Hitchcock Hopper10/16/2015

Just reading this list brings back so many happy memories of lunches with friends over my 35 years at FedEx.

Denise Pate Spencer10/16/2015

Definitely Dale's in my CTC days

Ben Moore Jose Armendariz knew the owner of Desperado's from chili cooking contests. Desperado's had a lunch special of 5-Alarm chili that came with all the beer you could drink until you finished it. It took a lot of beer. If you completed the bowl of chili the...See More

Don Rose Impossible to pick just one but, if that is the task, Grisanti's. In '73 it was Natl Guard.

Buddy Johnson Leonard's BBQ. But, Dale's was good, too.

Kathy Guererri Heatherly Have two favorites Italian Rebel and Dale's such fond memories with FedEx co-workers.

Gary Phillips Probably Dale's, then Silver Caboose.

Jill Bradbury Greer Dale's & Italian Rebel

Daria Faye Ellis Dale's

Chuck Siegfried Silver caboose

Jim Bentley That's tuff between Elan's and Grisantis!!!

Chris Bentley Grisantis.
Peter Dangerfield Sawmill

Tonya Handwerker Silver caboose

Jim McBryde Italian rebel

Ronnie Campbell Rebel Rebel. Then Grisantis

Marsha Terry Rider, I mean Sawmill :-)

Jon Peacock 91st Bomber Group, TN Air Guard, and Fred Gangs were great but they are history now. The Italian Rebel is still great after 40 years on business.

Debora Williams Waller That is a tuff one. Dine in or drive thru ? Dine in - Grisanti's and Dales. Drive thru - Whataburger. But I loved Sawmill Red Beans and Rice for lunch. also Flashing back, I think I must have eaten out a lot.

Debora Williams Waller Dinners, (so to speak) Sawmill and Fred Gangs.

Shirley Lovelace Williams Dales and Grisanti,s.

Sandy Butler Stone 91st Bombers and Sawmill is a tie for me.


Jim McBryde Fat jacques for hh and their blackened chicken wings were the best i have ever had.

Buddy Johnson What's hh?


Buddy Johnson Just got it...happy hour...duh!!!

Jim McBryde You of all people should know.


Buddy Johnson I wasn't a hh person...

Debbie Jenkins Hard to pick just one with the list!!!!!! The following were my fav's. 

Leonard's BBQ 
Fred Gangs
91st Bomber Group Restaurant
Natl Guard Armory

Sherry Little Fred Gangs and Sawmill

Dany Hsch Anything in LA after work . Sam's Hoffbrau Jim Bentley
forget Daruma ! Lol

Jim Bentley And California Beach sushi

Rebecca Felts Fred Gangs, 91st bomber, Dales (which is still open).

Rebecca Felts What was the Cajun resturant that was off Democrat at the end of that cove near the old Credit Union location? I went there several times with our AT&T Vendor.. it was always great.

Jim McBryde It was fat jacques.

Buddy Johnson Jacques, I think.

Gary Phillips If itch the one you're talking about, The Sawmill later became Fat Jaques I think.


Rebecca Felts Buddy thanks.. its been YEARS.. not sure I remember that name.. but that makes sense.

Gary Owens Pappy's and Jimmy's

Buddy Johnson There was a P & J on Park Ave, near Getwell.

Dan Elliot Between Sawmill and 91st Bomber Group Restaurant

Kerry Allen Clark Grisanti's and Sawmill

Deby Abbott Jolley Fred Gang's

Nancy Bland Dale's and Grisanti's

Gail McGaughey Krawczyk I loved Catfish Cabin, Fred Gangs,and 91st Bomber Group . I always missed Memphis when I transferred. Lots of great people and memories.

Ronnie Campbell Free lunch at Catfish Cabin on your birthday. Wonder if they still do?


Debora Williams Waller AND THE WINNER IS ???

Dan Elliot Us!

Cecil Gaither Natl Guard Armory


Jimmy Glenn Burk I gained 10# in one year at ELANS....but my favorite was National Guard Armory, especially on Thursdays.

Sandy Butler Stone I forgot Thirsday chicken & dressing. The greasy burgers were the best I've ever had. yum

Debora Williams Waller It is still chicken and dressing day on Thursday at Dales.

Penny Hitchcock Hopper Let's go!

Sandy Butler Stone Oh...I can't go this week. Let me know if you do it next week. I didn't know we could still go there! Yum

Penny Hitchcock Hopper Next Thursday sounds good, but let's check in the first of the week. You in, Debora Williams Waller?

Subject: New Orleans Facility (MSY) Quiet during the day time but at night things really get rolling! The Wor ...

Gary Owens10/18/2015

New Orleans Facility (MSY) Quiet during the day time but at night things really get rolling! The World On Time!

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx TriviaIn Silicon Valley, Dennis Jones asked a major CEO what their company could do to build a partnership and help FedEx enter the Unix world said "Well the best form of a partnership I know of a Purchase Order......"Who was this CEO?

Don Rose10/18/2015

Sounds like JLB.

Ben Moore10/18/2015

Scott McNealy of Sun

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015


Jim McBryde10/18/2015

I remember buying a server from them to host an application. They would not except the contract from microsoft word as it was banned by sun. So we had to get a copy of their competing product (i forget the name) so we could complete the order.

Subject: FedEx Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx Trivia:What other Large Mainframe, besides IBM, did FedEx use for data processing?

Kathy Jones Crockett10/18/2015


Subject: FedEx Trivia:

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx Trivia:How many sections were in the FedEx airbill?

Deby Abbott Jolley10/18/2015

4 or 5 for domestic and 7 for international (?)

Jim McBryde10/18/2015

I think it started out as 7 but then we got it down to 5. I was on the airbill committee.

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx TriviaWhich came first.....Origination Billing or Destination Billing?

Kathy Jones Crockett10/18/2015

I think Orgination

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

Billing off the Original airbill was first, and later Federal billed off the destination copy + POD

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx TriviaWhat were the first two computers used for Word Processing at FedEx?

Buddy Johnson10/18/2015

One was Wang

Ben Moore10/18/2015


Peggy Dawson Black10/18/2015

I think the first was a CPT, and then Wang.

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/22/2015

Jacquard & Wang...maybe others

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx TriviaAfter Zapmail, what were the Tandem computers used for at FedEx?

Buddy Johnson10/18/2015


Kathy Jones Crockett10/18/2015

I don't know , but I have the pictures of the day when Barksdale and others such Zapmail down, in Zap Control.... For many of us that worked hard to make it work it sure was a hard day!!!!! But at least we got some sleep the following week!

Dan Elliot10/18/2015

Yep, it was a product before it's time...

Kathy Jones Crockett10/18/2015

I don't believe that, I think the shuttle disaster killed Zapmail, if we had been able to get the Satellite in space which was canceled and off ATT, land line cost, it would have made it.Land line cost was far to high per page ....THen you had a vp of Marketing and could not sell it!!!!!

Dan Elliot10/18/2015

Well that's true too... but since most of our biggest customers cost us more in phone line charges than we made from them, something had to change for it to be profitable...

Kathy Jones Crockett10/18/2015

Agree too, however, when you have a VP that tells the world one thing and then can't meet it he retreated! The Customer (I talked to them daily) would have gladly paid to keep the service.... He simply had no idea to market it!

Debora Williams Waller10/18/2015

As I recall the land lines would drop the transmission before the lengthy documents would complete. That was so frustrating to Zap Central, customers and the field. We just couldn't last with that type service. A sad day indeed.

Dave Hansen10/18/2015

I totally agree with Kathy Jones Crockett. Had the challenger not blown up, satellite "Express Star 1" would have gone up on the next mission. Fedex had purchased a 32 channel (16 w/ positive and negative polarity) satellite from Hughes. Fedex only needed 3 of those channels. 2 years later came the proliferation of cable TV. We would be swimming in money.

Dave Hansen10/18/2015

As to what became of the Tandems, I can tell you. I was hired away from RCA/Cylix Communications because of them. They were used for Supr, ECCO and SELCT. When I started in 94 people told me I was crazy for taking the job cause DJ hated Tandem and that Tandem was going away. Tandem way outlasted DJ. They were finally unplugged in 2014 when CCII for Customs Clearance.(unix based) was finally perfected.

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/19/2015

Subject: FedEx Trivia

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx TriviaWhen the supertracker was first designed, a speaker was put on it. It didn't work too well but for years the commsoft group attempted to make it work. What was the speaker used for???

Joe Cutrell10/18/2015

acoustic upload via phone

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

Joe is correct. SIS decided to put a speaker on the phone, not exactly knowing how it would work...but they said it only cost $5 extra. The end goal was to capture scans, especially POD's for couriers who didn't have DADS wireless units. The courier would scan the package, find a phone somewhere, dial an 800 number and hold the ST up to the phone and theorectially transmit data. Some scans got thru, some did not.

Subject: FedEx Trivia Name these two FedXr's?

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx Trivia Name these two FedXr's?

Buddy Johnson10/18/2015

Bob Baxter and Sue Tritt

Pat McKnight10/18/2015

Sweet couple

Penny Hitchcock Hopper10/19/2015

Lovely people

Subject: FedEx Trivia Name these two FedXr's?

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx Trivia Name these two FedXr's?

Sharon Brown Hughes10/18/2015

Charles Sherwood and .... Mark says your son, thinks his name is Josh

Buddy Johnson10/18/2015

Charles Sherwood on left

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

Correct all: Charles Sherwood and Josh Burk

Subject: FedEx Trivia name these 3 FedXr's?

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

FedEx Trivia name these 3 FedXr's?

Kathy Guererri Heatherly10/18/2015

Chuck Morgan, other's?

Buddy Johnson10/18/2015

Miley Ainsworth on right

Carolyn Fiveash Perkins10/18/2015

Jay Gibbs

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

Answers are correct....younger versions of Chuck Morgan, Jay Gibbs & Miley Ainsworth.

Charles Morgan10/18/2015

Can anyone guess where this picture was made and what year?

Buddy Johnson10/19/2015

Looks do be somewhere around the WTC or WHQ, based on the fencing in the background.

Rebecca Felts10/19/2015

Before my time

Subject: How bout this bunch. How many of these folks can you name?

Richard Maingault10/18/2015

How bout this bunch. How many of these folks can you name?

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/18/2015

Clark Hinds, Bill Fleskes, Paul Maynard, Marcie Moss, Larry Netter, Jim Colson, Chuck Jowers ....great photo

J. David White10/19/2015

This was at 2842 Airport Business Park. Diane Conner White on the far right in green dress.

J. David White10/19/2015

David Hall on back row next to Clark Hinds.

Sammie Helton Butts10/19/2015

I see Marty Scanlon, Bill Pennington, Fred Mitchell, Bill Bain and Richard Maingault, Denny Dickson and Crazy Bill whose last name escapes me but is one of the funniest guy I know. I know a coupla other folks but just can't recall the names at this time.

Diane Conner White10/19/2015

Bill Conkel?

Sammie Helton Butts10/20/2015

Yep, Bill Conkel. It came to me late yesterday. I'm just a tad slow, Di.

Jimmy Glenn Burk10/20/2015