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Bob Higgins FedEx 10th Anniversary

Jim Barksdale

Interview Part I
Interview Part II


Jim Bentley

Interview with Jim Bentley
Interview with Jim Bentley 2

Harry Dalton


Hired by FedEx, move to Colorado Springs, COSMOS & COSMOS IIa deployment (scanning at the hubs & stations) Move back to Memphis as head of CIE and later SIS, development of COSMOS IIb (scanning by the couriers)


Bob Higgins - Skype Interview

Bob Higgins #1
Bob Higgins #2 - Scanning
Bob Higgins #3
Bob Higgins -Jim Barksdale's 1st visit to COS


Buddy Johnson

Buddy Johnson Video Interview


Jimmy Sowell

Jimmy Sowell Video Interview
Jimmy Sowell - Legend of JLB's Table


Jim Moore

Part 1 - FWS concept of FedEx, early stations, Call centers & DADS
Part 2 - Designing the first Call Center, Re-designing Dispatch, first use of wireless for Scan data transmission for Cosmos IIb
Part 3 - Growth & Pkg Volumes Part 4 - Jim Moore --- Epilogue

FedEx 10th Anniversary Video, submitted by Mark Bielenski Click Here for Video Password is fedex10