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Photo Name/EMPNO Years Dept/r Title Hired by Pkg count 1st day Memories
Bill Bahr/256 2 Recruiting Gene Anderson 0

I was employee 256 and spent the vast majority of 1973 on the road, interviewing / recruiting staff (city managers, sales people, drivers, etc.) in places like Rochester, Newark, St. Louis, LA, etc.

Jim Barksdale 1979-1991

VP of IT


COO of FedEx

Fred Smith   His quotations, honesty, focus, and charisma

Bob Baxter

EMPNO 6842


Frank Smith,

Interviewed by Ron Ponder

  Pkg count 22,000/nite
Jim Bentley   Radio/DADS Jim Moore   Jim was the original programmer for DADS in the Radio Mobile group. He was instrumental in achieving the mass rollout of over 384 systems. Later he is a technical guru in Linehaul systems supporting the hub & metroplex wireless and mobile needs
Laura Beard          
Roy Beard         Roy Beard was Mgr of Engineering which implemented a T-1 Multiplexing network. He later was MD of Engineering and a VP of APAC. His last position at FedEx was VP of Computer Operations.
Phil Bockhold  

Wireless Systems Development

    Phil was Manager of DADS development for both Domestic and International systems.
Brett Bonner         Brett was an engineering guru for hub, scanning, vision and other systems at FedEx. He & his team designed and implemented sortation, mass scanning and many other innovative products.

Tom Bullion

Empno: 920

Working for





Training,  Billing,

COS, Int’l.,   

Int’l. Customs, Zapmail,

ULD, FedEx Aeronautics,

Operations Research,

Data Com

Mike Fitzgerald

Low Pay, few benefits.

FWS, Vince Fagan, Pete Wilmot , Mike Staunton & Jim Barksdale……. Those were the true builders

Jimmy Burk


1980-2006 Data Engineering Ancel Hankins <100,000

You got a day off on your birthday,

Every quarter you got day off, if batch reports ran on time,FedEx gave a gift when a child was born


James(Jim) Patrick Colson Sr.

Empno 4828

1976- July 5, 1997 Air Mx & Tech Services Hired as an aircraft mechanic   Jim worked in Aircraft Mx as a manager before being promoted to MD of Tech Services to build a new Tech Services organization to support Zapmail. When Zapmail ended, his organization was re-charted to support all of FedEx's IT technical needs: DADS, Radios, Customer Automation, Station equipment etc. He was promoted to VP of Tech Services.
Terry Cox         Terry was one of the first hires that Ancel Hankins made in building FedEx's Data Network Engineering Group. He worked in Satellite Systems and Telecommunications as Chief Engineer.
Harry Dalton         Harry Dalton is known primarily as rolling out the Cosmos IIa system (scanning in hubs & stations) and leading all efforts in Cosmos IIB, the supertracker programs. He was the first VP of Strategic Integrated Systems, was Vice President, Operations Planning and Engineering in Hong Kong, and retired the VP of Technical Services.
David Dietzel         David was part of the design team for COSMOS IIB and instrumental in the rollout of the system worldwide.
Richard Dunn         Richard was the original team with Jim Moore who designed and expanded FedEx's Radio networks and fine tuned the systems as they went thru several evolutions.