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Total Amount donated: $1,745.00
Last UPdated Status Nov 19
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First Letter & Check sent to Gary's family:


Gary Holmes, long time FedEx IT employee was hit head on by a vehicle while bicycling with a group in Santa Barbara, California. Gary has been a triathelete for many years. He received multiple injuries including collapsed lung, two broken arms, two shattered knees, and injuries to his brain.

Gary's Status is listed on Facebook and those status' will also be listed HERE



Gary's Status

Date Status
Nov 19

Barbara Geater posting/facebook

Gary's family let me know that they do not have anything planned for Gary for Thanksgiving. It will just be him and his Dad at the house like any other weekday.

After talking with his family, I have arranged to get the handicap Van from Pam and Wyndell to take Gary to the Turkey Trot. The plan is to have several of us push him though the race course. Obviously, we will be basically at a walking pace and therefore have to start at the very back of the pack. And I will obviously need a few folks to help push Gary. Roland, Rich and Tommy have already said they can help. It would be nice to have as many Terps as possible to just walk with Gary, help us take turns pushing. For those who want to race, maybe you could finish and come back to join us and walk Gary on in.

The Turkey Trot starts at 8 am Thanksgiving day at Shelby Farms. Hope to see you there!

Nov 1



























Oct 30th Facebook Posting from Gary's sister, Debbie Jones:

The following is a copy of my letter that my dad and I chose Eileen Okerblom to read at the sentencing. Eileen was chosen because of the many things she is trying to get done in California to protect cyclist on public roads. This was a strong issue for us and Eileen has been thru much worse than we have because she actually lost her son, we still have Gary.

March 15, 2012 was a day I know will always be remembered and should always be remembered by Alicia Gilbert. This is the day she was driving a vehicle that hit not just any cyclist but hit a son, an uncle of 9, a cousin to many , a friend to many and most of all my brother Gary Holmes.

Gary is a 57 year old man that has always been nice to everyone, and the best brother a sister could have. I don’t believe we ever had a fight in our years as children all the way up to adulthood. Gary is a very intelligent person with an outstanding IQ that enjoyed working for Federal Express for almost 30 years as a computer programmer electrical engineer. He was a member of a group that help make Federal Express what it is today with their outstanding ideas and programs that have been put into place. Since this accident we are no longer sure if that intelligence has been damaged.

Gary is also a very energetic and competitive triathlete. He has competed in 100’s of triathlons and most of all is a person that has completed 30 Ironman competitions. He was attending Solvang Triathlon Camp for the 8th year in a row when this horrific accident occurred. This was an accident that has not only affected Gary’s life drastically, but has affected so many more lives that will never be the same.

There have been several stories of the injuries that my brother received. The following is a more accurate list of just what painful and horrible things that my brother had happen to him.
Both long bones of both lower legs were broken and through the skin
Both long bones of both forearms were broken and through the skin and his right arm had been degloved (skin and muscle tissue torn away from bone and hanging from his arm)
Both sides of his pelvis were broken
He had approximately 11 broken ribs leading to both lungs being puctured and deflated
He had breaks to lumbar 4 and lumber 5 in his spine
His right clavicle bone in the shoulder was broken
He had staples everywhere to try and stop the excessive bleeding that his body was doing
He had a small tube placed in his head to monitor brain activity, oxygenation, and swelling
He also had stitches to his right side of his chin.
The most devastating injury has been the shaking of the brain that my brother received that has left him still today in a mild coma. We can’t truly rehabilitate him until he becomes fully aware of his surroundings. He does not talk, walk, or move all of his body. Many have given up on his progress except for my dad and me. He is making progress and we do hear him laugh, but as reality sinks in we hear his sobs much louder and spend hours comforting him.
I imagine this was pure Hell. Fortunately his brain had gone into a coma, but his blood pressure and heart rate showed the stress and pain that his body was going through. It is my hope that through this letter that healing can start for everyone and that the next time you decide to take pills or drink or anything that will alter your mind you will think twice. What my family has been going through is what I would never wish on anyone. Our father is 81 years old but physically capable as if he was in his late 60’s constantly worries if he will live a long enough life to see my brother come back to us fully and walk, talk, laugh as we all remember he could. My father and I live with my brother and take care of all his needs with the help of a wonderful Nurse Assistant and we wait for progress everyday. I know my brother would forgive you because that is just how wonderful a person he is, So I forgive you too. This does not mean that we will ever forget. I will constantly communicate with the state of California and if anything like this or similar to this happens with you as the defendant again, We will make sure that this case will be well known about in court so that it will be known that you are a second offender. So, please make the best of this time to get well, remember what you have done and change your life forever to say no to drugs/medications that alter your mind. I hope that you come out of this ordeal and be an advocate for those who have suffered the way my brother has, and become the mother you should be for your children.
The restitution that you will owe for my brother’s medical bills is so much that unless you win a lottery it will be hard to repay in a lifetime. If I had my way this would be in payments due every 15th day of the month so that you will always remember that my brother was just not that guy on the bicycle but he is Gary Holmes from Memphis, Tn who is loved by many.
It is also our hope that the safety of cyclist will become a concern for all motorist and cyclist alike all over the United States. Too many horrible accidents and deaths have already occurred. Not one more family should be put through the pain and loss that we feel.

Oct 27










































Santa Maria Times Article on Sentencing of Person who hit Gary Holmes & Su Chang by Samantha Yale Scroggin

The pictures accomplished what words alone couldn’t convey about how a Los Olivos woman’s decision to drive after taking anti-anxiety medicine destroyed the life of an avid athlete from Tennessee.

Deputy District Attorney Wes Meyer projected two pictures side by side on a large screen Wednesday in a Santa Maria courtroom where Alicia Gilbert was sentenced to four years and four months in state prison.

In one picture, a beaming and triumphant Gary Holmes stood on a podium after completing a triathlon. In the other, Holmes stared vacantly toward the camera, an oxygen tube in his nose and his head resting listlessly on a pillow.

The second picture shows how the 57-year-old Holmes appears today after he was nearly killed when Gilbert, 32, plowed her vehicle into a pack of cyclists March 15 on Foxen Canyon Road near Los Olivos. Holmes had been riding with the pack as part of a cycling camp.

Holmes suffered serious brain and other injuries in the collision, and another cyclist named Su Chang from Washington was also injured to a lesser degree.

Gilbert pleaded no contest last month to felony driving under the influence causing injury.

For sentencing purposes, a no-contest plea is treated the same as a guilty plea.

Gilbert must serve 85 percent of her sentence before she is eligible for parole, per sentencing guidelines.

The conviction counts as a “strike,” meaning another felony conviction will bring her double the usual punishment.

Gilbert’s prison sentence of four years and four months was agreed upon as part of the plea agreement that resulted in other charges being dropped.

Meyer has said that Gilbert was under the influence of prescription anti-anxiety medication when the crash happened.

At a sentencing hearing, victims and their supporters are invited to make statements before the court.

On Wednesday afternoon, anti-distracted driving activist Eilene Okerblom read a statement written by Holmes’ sister, Debbie Jones, who did not attend the hearing. Several friends of Holmes were in court for the hearing, and were moved to tears.

Jones wrote that Holmes was so seriously injured she doesn’t know what intelligence the once extremely bright man still has. He remains in a semi-comatose state and is unable to walk or talk.

“He is not fully aware of his surroundings,” Jones wrote.

Among his injuries, Holmes suffered broken ribs, two collapsed lungs and a shattered pelvis, his sister noted.

“We do hear him laugh, but as reality sinks in, we hear his sobs much louder than any other sound,” Jones continued.

She said her elderly father worries that he won’t live to see his son return to his former self.

Only she and her father maintain hope that Holmes will recover, Jones said.

Her comments also addressed Gilbert directly, and Gilbert listened with her head turned away as Okerblom read the statement.

“Make the most of this time to get well. Remember what you have done, and change your life, and say no to the drugs that alter your mind. I hope that you come out of this ordeal and use your experience to be an advocate for those who have suffered the way my brother has,” Jones wrote.

“He was not just someone on a bicycle, but he was Gary Holmes from Memphis, Tennessee, who was loved by many.”

Meyer displayed photos of a smiling Holmes swimming, bicycling and running over the years, and juxtaposed the images with ones of Holmes expressionless in a wheelchair or in a hospital bed hooked to medical equipment via tubes.

“These photos are showing what he loved to do. It’s not just exercising, it’s a way of life for him that he did for many, many years,” Meyer said. “And he will never be able to take a part of that again.”

Meyer handed Gilbert a photo that contained the image of the triumphant Holmes alongside the picture of him staring vacantly.

“I would ask that you take it to prison with you and put it up on your wall so you look at it every single day,” he said, adding that he hoped she remembers Holmes and changes her life.

Gilbert then delivered a brief but emotional speech, apologizing to the Holmes family.

She said she agreed “100 percent” with what Debbie Jones said, and wished she had the money to make the family restitution payments every 15 days like Jones asked.

“I wouldn’t take anything else away from him that he deserves,” Gilbert added.

“I am truly sorry,” she said.

Oct 15
from Facebook postings Week of Oct 13  
Amy Roberts Woods Photo: Terrapins @ the Ride for Your Mind event in honor of Gary Holmes. Good job Terps!!!
John Baliff how's Gary doing? any change? (I was riding w/ him @ the crash...)
Richard VanMeter No change in Gary recently, not sure if there will be much more progress down the road.

Sep 16









Facebook posting by Barbara Geater from the Terrapins Facebook site. There are other comments and postings on facebook not transferred to this website. The Terrapins have been very faithful in taking care of Gary.


Gary with his Dad & Wolfman after our walk this am(Sep 15).

No change I can see since he came home from Health South about 90 days ago. No true signs of communication. Mainly random movement. Sometimes he does see to understand what you are saying & what's going on around him. Most of the time, not.




Sep 13

Article by Nora Wallace on prosecution of person who hit Gary Holmes and Su Chang.


Sep 12

Received Sept 12 via email:

My name is Nora Wallace and I'm a reporter at the Santa Barbara News-Press. I thought you might like to know, though you probably already do, that the driver who hit Gary Holmes and Su Chang pleaded no contest today in Santa Maria Superior Court. She'll be sentenced Oct. 24 to four years, four months in state prison.
Nora Wallace


Aug 12

From Barbara Geater/Facebook

Gary at his first race since the accident. We were so glad to see him out for the WolfPack Triathlon






Aug 5

from Terrapin(Gary's bicycle club)facebook postings:

Leda Page:

Is Gary Holmes watching the Olympics and will he be watching the triathialon tomorrow? I sure hope he is able to enjoy it. Tell him that I said "Hi".


Barbara Geater:

I have been out to visit him several times during the games. Thanks to David Rhea Gary has a beautiful, and functional, ramp to get him into his sunken living room right in front of the TV to watch the games! He has been watching quite a bit. It's hard to tell how much he is taking because he still is not talking. His eyes do seem to be following the action!


Leda Page:

Thank you Barbara

He has such good friends and I am sure he realizes that.


Jul 22

Posted from facebook by Vickie D.

"The 3 Cabillaros! Steve and Mac sharing tall tales with Gary! And there were plenty! "




Jul 6

posted by Barbara Geater on Facebook on July 5th

This Saturday am Wolfman and I will be picking up Gary at his house with a Handicap van at about 7 am to take him to the Christian Brothers end of the Greenway by 7:30 for a walk along the Greeway. Last trip we started too late and went too long considering the heat. Any one who would like to say hi to Gary and walk with us for a while, please try to join up with us along the way.

In the long run, we'd like for several other folks to learn how to get Gary in/out of the Handicap Van so that more folks can help his family get him out and about. Any one interested in learning how to handle his chair and the van, please contact me directly to arrange a teaching session.

Barbara G

Jul 24

Gary is taken on a ride around Patriot lake by his friends.






Jul 20

Reposted from facebook:

Question(Leda Page) Fantastic. Is he able to operate his chair?

Answer(Barbara Geater): No, he does not operate it on his own. He is responding to very basic commands and facial expression to what is going on around him. Still very limited abilities. But it is nice to have him up in the chair & getting out of the house!

Jun 19

reposted from facebook on June 19th

from Barbara Geater on the Terrapin site titled 'Gary is up and out for a Walk









Jun 12
Facebook Postings June 11, 12
Leda Page
Has anyone been to see Gary since he got out of rehab? What is happening there?

Lindsay Reed

The IMFL girls sang him Happy Birthday June 4 - almost looked like he was about to cry while we were singing :) He's moving quite a bit, including his right side. I don't know all the particulars about his medical status or how he's settling in though


Julie Davidzuk Leigh

I saw him yesterday afternoon and he was more alert than the week prior. We did some passive range on his lower extremities and a lot of work on his right hand to reduce the pitting edema. He is moving more purposefully, as he attemtped to wipe the drool from his moth with his left hand, but movement is still pretty limited in general. He has a new wheelchair but he was not in it when I saw him. We are trying to coordinate with the home health PT & OT for positioning needs, a 24 hour positioning schedule, and 24 hour splinting schedule to prevent contractures and preserve skin integrity. I will be seeing him once a week as a consulting OT and will provide MFR tx as I can.


Leda Page

Thank you all so very much. I'm in FL so don't have any direct contact with Debbie or Jackie. It's good to see that there is a little improvement and that he has good friends looking after him.


Lee Schweitzer

To be honest. Julie helped his pain greatly. He wasn't too keen at first.But she kept working with him, and he seemed to calm down.Thanks Julie. I know he must have been hurting. You helped him a lot....

Jun 3

from David Meyers via fb

I went to see Gary today at his house. We competed in many triathlons together in the same age group for many years. It was great to see him. Thanks to his family and friends for being so nice. He has a long road ahead but he has the endurance to overcome this obstacle. My family and I will continue to pray for a speedy recovery and give our love and support to Ironman Holmes.

Jun 1

from Gayle Minard/facebook

From Debbie:
I just received a phone call from Santa Barbara DA. The girl that hit Gary was arrested and charged with being under the influence and causing severe bodily harm with an automobile, which is a felony. Additionally she has been charged with felony endangerment of an infant. She has a $250,000 bond.

Jun 1

reposted from facebook/may 28

Mark Hughes: Is Gary conscious?

Leda Page: Mark, he isn't. He responds to questions by squeezing your finger but doesn't make sounds to my knowledge. He will be going home from rehab on 5/31, his RN sister will be staying with him, and I suppose his father will be too. He will be getting therapy at home for the time being. Not much more to report that I know of right now.

May 30

A second check was forwarded to Gary's sister in the amount of $650.00; thanks to you all for your generous contributions.

Note from Gary's sister/facebook(May 25):

Thanks so much we are bringing Gary home May 31st he has hit a plateau we will continue therapy with home health and when improvement starts back up he can reenter rehab. This will help we are getting together at his house with a few other helpers to get his house straightened up and fixed to be healthy enough for him tomorrow. This money will definetly help with this process.

May 23

from Gayle Minard/Facebook

Apparently Gary's progress has plateaued and in the interest of saving rehab days (insurance), he is being discharged on MAY 31!!!!!!

Debbie is going to the house this Friday about 1 PM to start cleaning things up and putting everything in a POD. Lee, Debbie and a fire/restoration company are going to be at his house at 9:30 Saturday AM.

If anyone wants to help (I am out of town), please report to Gary's house. I am NOT posting the address on Facebook. If you don't get the email from me, feel free to text for more info.

May 12

from the Solvang Triathlon Camps facebook page:

Gary has started to focus a little on DVD's so we thought he would love to receive some messages from all his Spring Fling friends and fellow athletes. Gary loves to chit chat, so anything you would like to share with him, training stories ...or any stories would be great. We are going to compile these messages into one DVD to send to Gary. Send to info @ solvangtriathloncamps dot com. Both video or audio messages work! Thanks...

May 12

from note attached to TeamGary donation:

We send our thoughts and prayers to Gary and his family. Rachel and Curt Arthur

May 10

Paula Holmes Miller/facebook

Had a fun day with Lela Page yesterday. Sarah and I picked her up from the airport and then went to visit my cousin, Gary Holmes, in rehab. He is doing so well! Miracles at work there! You could tell he was listening to our conversations and started trying to move his leg when we were talking about genealogy and old family stories.

May 8

Brandon Allen/facebook

I visited Gary this morning and found him on his first bike ride! PT is working with him every morning getting him to move around. The bike was doing all the work, but he seemed to be very engaged for the 15 minute ride. He is also moving his left arm towards objects (should get better when cast is off) and is able to slightly wiggle fingers and toes. PT is very pleased with his progress over last 2 days. He moans a little and is working with speech therapy. I told him we would miss him at Gulf Coast this week, and he will be in our hearts and minds as we race!


May 7

Barbara Zoccolo/facebook

Will and I visited Gary today and he was really trying to talk to us. And he was definitely watching tv. Great to see progress!

May 6

from Lee Schweitzer/facebook posting Terrapin site

GARY THE IRON MAN UPDATE: Debbie, Gary's sister talked with his Dr on Friday. He agrees as well, that there has been significant healing and improvement The Dr seems to be pleased himself. I read from the Terrapin FB page everyday as it is updated with all of his buddies activities. Please keep writing to him.

P.S. If you visit Gary, please remember to put his glasses on. He can REALLY see you then. lol

Apr 30

from Debbie Jones(Gary's sister)

Gary had a pretty hard working day today at Health South, He was placed in a special wheelchair and he pushed with his feet up against therpist chest as asked. He also did several other commands as asked. They think he is just at the edge of waking completely up. Thank all his co-workers and friends for all they have done for Gary. We will probably use the money towards things he needs to aid in his recovery while at Health South as well as any extra expenses that occur. Visiting hours are 9am til 8pm visitors are welcome.

Apr 30

Tim Brennan

Rick Prince and I went to see Gary today at health South. I could see a big difference and he seem to have a definite reaction when i Mentioned that Rick was lying about his Ironman Hawaii time. He wrinkled his forehead when Rick mentioned Mark Allen. Not sure why everyone kept trying to admit Rick to a room there!

Apr 29

Talked to Gary's sister Sunday afternoon. We are sending her a check for a little over $1,000 that has been contribute to help Gary and his family. I'll keep the bank and paypals accounts open for anyone else who wants to contribute over the next few months.

The therapist told Debbie that they can tell that Gary is very close to waking up. He makes noise when they aren't paying attention to him. Likes it when they exercise him and brush his teeth. They are putting him in a fancy wheelchair tomorrow and give him 3 hours of therapy a day. His family also exercises him, when thye are there.

Jimmy Burk

Apr 29

Lee Schweitzer

I visited with Gary and his family this morning.. Boy, does he have a good support system. We were on the other side of the room from him, talking about Memphis in May Tri this year, and he starts moving and making all kinds of noise!!

Apr 27

Lee Schweitzer

I visited with Gary today. The speech therapist came in to do her initial assessment. He kinda, sorta swallowed with her wasn't a swallow like we do, and it took a second, but you could darn near see him thinking about it...he did squeeze his Dad's hand. I saw it too!!! 
If anybody wants Gary to know it. I'm going to try and visit with him and read his FB msg's from his friends...unless someone else is already doing that.. 
Leda Page
Lee, tell Gary that his cousins, Leda Fay and Paula will be visiting him on Wed. 5/9. I am flying into Memphis, Paula is picking me up at the airport and we are going to visit with him. Looking forward to it.
Apr 26

Update/Facebook from Gayle Minard

Gary is FINALLY going to HealthSouth today, room 209! Don't know visitting hours yet. He moved his left index finger & left toes to command. There was a big delay, but he did it for Debbie (his sister), & I saw it!


Visiting hours (as opposed to visitting hours above!), are 9 AM to 8 PM. Of course when he is having therapy, that comes first. Program is for a month, and if he improves could go longer! Debbie working on financial angle.

Apr 24

Update/Facebook from Gayle Minard

Soooo... Gary going to HealthSouth on Union, but they don't have any beds today. The plan NOW is for him to go tomorrow...but it depends on bed availability.
No other changes.

Apr 23

Gayle Minard/facebook:

Rumor TODAY is that he is going to Health South tomorrow (Tuesday). He is breathing better.

Apr 20

Gayle Minard/Facebook posting

Gary having a little trouble breathing. Moved to C409 where he can get suctioned more and be on a monitor. Still hoping for HealthSouth on Monday

Apr 19

Gayle Minard/Facebook posting

The official rumor is that Gary is going to HealthSouth on Monday, I assume the one on Union. I have NO IDEA about their visiting hours. If you want to see him at the Med, you had better do it fast.

Apr 18
Gayle Minard from facebook:
Gary has moved to a regular room, D508. This means much more liberal visiting hours (basically any time). Trach will probably be removed tomorrow. He is ready for placement, just have to get a place.
Apr 17

from Facebook/Gayle Minard posting:

Gary had his tracheostomy downsized, then capped (next step is out). He moans when I "torture" him, by rubbing his sternum. I couldn't get him to move, but the nurse said he moved his feet when she put his socks on. He opens his eyes spontaneously, but doesn't blink when I wave my hand near his eyes.

Apr 16

from a Facebook exhcange:

Jim Lukanich : Does anybody know yet the status of the person who hit Gary?

                         Surely someone knows by now who she is and what her story is?


Gayle Minard:  They know who she is. Possible charges pending. For sure

                          "crossing the center line"


Jim Lukanich:  Seems like such a small charge for such a catastrophic event.I have

                         an 8x10 of Gary and I crossing the finish at IM Canada together.

                         I have it out and look at it often to remind me to keep Gary in

                         my thoughts.


Gayle Minard: They're still investigating, I suspect there will be more charges.

Apr 12

from Gayle Minard (Via Facebook) 2:30pm Thurs Apr 12

Gary is off the ventilator!!! He opens his eyes spontaneously. I can't get him to move much yet. We would like to get him audio of Ironman and StarTrek for him to listen to, either on CD or iPod.

Apr 12 Amy Roberts Woods: Went to see Gary last night(Tu Apr 10)...maybe wishful thinking, but he seemed to have more eye movement when Keith was talking about racing. We told the nurses some good stories. Met Gary's dad & uncle...they are a hoot!
Apr 12
Photo of Gary at 2002 Kona Triathlon posted on Facebook by Joy Johnson Harwood
Apr 10 from Gayle Minard via facebook: Gary is about the same. Apparently the DA in CA is looking into the case. The woman that hit him was using someone else's drivers' license and gave false information to the police. The camera was NOT running(Gary's bike camera), so no video documentation.
Apr 5

Thursday April 5, 2012


I stopped by the Med and visited with Gary, his sister, dad and uncle early this morning.


Gary is in good care. He didn't wake up, but has opened his eyes at times and responded to some of his family's commands. Swelling in his face had gone done. He just needs time to heal, physically and mentally. He has rods in both legs above the ankles, and rods in both of his lower arms. His collapsed lung is in good shape now. He has some pins in other places. When Gary was impacted his frontal part of the brain shifted in his skull and then shifted back. One side shifted back slightly more than the other, so there was some damage there. Debbie they think that might impact short term memory. The family is getting power of attorney for someone to take care of his affairs; and FedEx is processing the short term and long term disability paperwork. The Santa Barbara doctor said that they have put his body together so that he could do triathlons in the future after healing.


I asked about the driver that hit Gary and the other lady bicycler. She was 24 years old with a child in the back seat. According to a witness, she actually accelerated to run into the bicyclers. The Police have not completed the accident report; but they were told that she originally said that it was the bicyclers that crossed the center line...then the Police told her she needed to go back and think of another story because that one wouldn't fly.


They've also been told that the person may have had anger issues in the past and some pill abuse in the past.

Apr 3 Talked to Gary's sister Debbie. Gary kept his eyes open 15 minutes and they are pretty sure he can hear them; he does respond to pain. His racing club Terrapin is going to clean up his house and organize it, and get it ready for whenever he can come home. He is in the Trauma ICU and can have visitors two at a time at 9am, 1pm, 5pm, and 9pm; His sister encourages people to visit and keep talking to him.
Apr 3 Gary is at the Med; they are weaning him off the ventilator
Apr 2 Gary is being flown by Air Ambulance to Memphis, scheduled to arrive around 7pm Memphis time. He will be in the Med ICU.




On Thursday March 15th, Gary Holmes from Memphis TN (Terrapin Racing) was cycling in a small group in Solvang California when a car traveling in the opposite direction crossed over the center line and hit Gary and another cyclist. Gary suffered major trauma and multiple broken bones. He is currently in Santa Barbara Cottage hospital under the care of top surgeons and trauma specialists. Amongst his injuries he has broken both legs, both arms, his pelvis, lumbar vertebrae, 11 ribs and currently has a brain injury as a result of the accident. If he wasn't the tough Ironman guy that he is, he probably wouldn't be with us.


Gary is known by many in the sport due to his ability to make friends wherever he goes. A benefit fund has been set up in Gary's name to help with his medical bills and with the goal of flying Gary home to Memphis to be near his family and triathlete team for rehab. He has a long road ahead, but as those that know Gary say; he is a fighter, he is strong and he is not a 30 X Ironman finisher for nothing. Come on Gary!


If you are able to help out this fellow athlete with medical rehab expenses, please send contributions by check made payable to 'Gary Holmes - Team Gary' to:


Rabobank c/o Gary Holmes/Team Gary,

 2222 Bath Street,

 Santa Barbara, CA 93105


Donations to 'Team Gary' may also be made in person at any Rabobank.

 Please note donations are not tax deductible.


Please help us spread the word about 'Team Gary'

Thanks to all who have contributed to TeamGary:

Date Name
Apr 3 Jimmy Burk
Apr 3 Anonymous
Apr 3 Brett G Bonner
Apr 4 Brett B. Bonner
Apr 4 Carla Moore
Apr 5 John Phillips
Apr 5 Jim Moore
Apr 10 Mike Farrah
Apr 11 Steve Froschauer
Apr 12 James Golden
Apr 12 Emily Harwood
Apr 13 Steve Baggett
Apr 26 O.P. Skaaksrud
May 1 David Butler
May 12 Owen Tabor
May 12 Rachel Best & Curt Arthur
July 11 Gary Pantlik









Letter forwarded to Debbie Jones:


Woman reaches deal in collision with cyclists

By NORA K. WALLACE news-press staff writer

September 13, 2012 5:50 AM
A Los Olivos mother who drove her SUV into a group of cyclists on Foxen Canyon Road while under the influence of a drug faces more than four years in state prison after accepting a plea agreement.

Alicia Ann Gilbert, 32, pleaded no contest Wednesday to a felony charge of driving while under the influence of a drug, with an enhancement of causing great bodily injury.
Ms. Gilbert entered her plea before Superior Court Judge Patricia Kelly and will be sentenced to four years and four months in state prison on Oct. 24. Because the charge is considered a violent offense and a "strike," she will serve 85 percent of the sentence.

Ms. Gilbert was driving along the rural highway on March 15 when she apparently veered across the road and crashed into a group of cyclists taking part in a biking camp, critically injuring two.
Tennessee resident Gary Holmes took the brunt of the impact and suffered a traumatic brain injury, two broken arms, two broken legs, a broken pelvis and11 broken ribs, among other injuries.
The longtime FedEx employee was a triathelete and Iron Man competitor and was in a medical coma for some time after the crash.

Washington state resident Su Chang suffered a broken arm and leg in the collision.
Ms. Gilbert, who had her 8-month-old child in the car at the time, also was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, false impersonation, child abuse, driving on a suspended license and giving false information to a police officer.
Those charges were dropped with the plea agreement. She also was on probation for a previous petty theft charge.

"She wants to take responsibility for a very tragic situation for everyone involved," said her attorney, Public Defender Brian Kazmin, after Wednesday's hearing.
Information about restitution was not disclosed, though some level of compensation is apparently being negotiated.

Mr. Kazmin asked Judge Kelly if Ms. Gilbert could be released for three or four days on her own recognizance, so she could clear up issues with her bank accounts, post office box and to say good-bye to her family. "Ms. Gilbert is going to be in custody for a lengthy period of time and she would like some time to take care of things," Mr. Kazmin said. His client, he said, "has significant ties to the community and has lived in Santa Barbara County all her life."

Deputy District Attorney Wesley Meyer objected to the request.
"She does pose a significant risk to the community," Mr. Meyer said. "This was a DUI; she has a prior drug history." Judge Kelly denied the defense request, citing the seriousness of the charges and the defendant's past criminal record. Mr. Meyer said he was "very pleased" with the resolution on the case, and lauded the work of his department's investigative bureau.

Ms. Chang is "getting better; she's recovering," Mr. Meyer said.
Mr. Holmes, however, has not fared as well."He's OK, he'll live," Mr. Meyer said. "He's trying to get his speech back and regain movement." A support web page called "Team Gary" has been established to update Mr. Holmes' friends about his condition.

Juxtaposed with photographs of a highly trained amateur athlete are images from recent months, showing him in an electric wheelchair that he cannot operate by himself.

According to the page, in late July he was "responding to very basic commands and facial expressions to what is going on around him."

In mid-August, a photograph shows him in the wheelchair, surrounded by friends and watching his first bike race since the crash.