FedEx Legends In Memoriam :


Last Update: 6/29/22 @ 3:30am

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Name Photo Empno Year Passed Title(s) Dept(s) Comments
Blaylock, Elizabeth Ward   2020      
Brewer, Gale   June 2022 DBA/System Programmer



started w/ Daryl Skoog

Bryan, Pat   2020 Admin Asst IT Customer Automation Departments  
Colson, James     VP Tech Svcs   Jim Colson built the tech field force to support Zapmail and Operations. When that was shut down the field force and repair groups supported all equipment in the field as well as tens of thousands of Powership devices and printers.
Dietzel, Dave         David was instrumental in developing the SuperTracker functions and interfaces ie COSMOS IIb
Downs, Ronnie  

Jan 2020


  Mgr, DGO Managed the installation of the DADS (Dispatch) systems in the field
Dugger, Patty   Apr 5, 2022      
Dunn, Richard   2018 Sr Mgr Radio Engr Telecom Designed Radio Systems for all couriers + hub/ramps & DADS ; Built the USA800 Network across the US; these systems put FedEx wireless networks at least 10 years ahead of UPS; UPS tried 3 times to duplicate FedEx's system even getting the Federal govt to kick off cb operators off their frequencies to give to UPS...and even that didn't work out.
Hankins, Ancel(Pete)  



Mgr, Data Engr



Built first Data Engr Dept, designed first intelligent data network

Left FedEx in early 80's to be Dir @ Cylix

and later returned to the company

Hemphill, Dewey          
Hinson, Joe   Oct 2018

VP Strategic Operations

(30 years)

OPs Research Joe was a student of Dr. Ron Ponder at UofM; he with Dr Ponder built and expanded the Operations department at FedEx which was instrumental in all aspects of planning for the FedEx including airline schedules, URSA route planning, courier route planning, which aircraft to purchase and how to implement and many other areas of the company.
Holmes, Gary   Oct 2014 TechAdvisor Telecom

Gary graduated with a Masters in Electrical Engr for UofM; he came to FedEx around 1981 from DCC/Cylix. He was a brilliant communications programmer who created FutureOps which brought in $25M a month in revenue for the company.

from Mark Hughes: It was an incredible service yesterday for Gary. There was so much love for him. I enjoyed meeting people from all areas of his life: his family, the triathletes from Memphis and from Solvang, and people from his work. It gave me a greater understanding of Gary as a person. He had so much going on and was loved by everybody.

Jones, Dennis   Dec 2009 CIO FedEx, FDX


1975-2000 approx

Dennis became CIO after Dr.Ron Ponder resigned to be COO of Sprint Communications. He with Laurie Tucker was very successful at expanding the Customer Automation program(Powership) and increasing the collection of billing and shipping information available online.

Dennis was a member of a consortium of IT execs who all were pushing to reduce dependency on Mainframes(ie IBM and COBOL programmers) and move applications to an open systems architecture(ie UNIX/C/Java programmers).


Jones, Franklin   Oct 2021 Mgr Telecom, Tech Services  
Knox, John            
McKinney, Jim         Jim was the Director of OPS for Satellite Systems and for Telecommunications. He was a Navy aviator, Grumman test pilot prior to FedEx. He became the SVP of Air Ops
May, Bob   2011 Pres. FedEx Bus Logistics 1973-1993 First Station Mgr Boston rose to SVP over several division including Pres. FedEx BLS
McNeer, Mike   Jan 2022 1978-2002 or 2003   Mike worked in the computer room at Clark towers for cook industries with Winn,Barksdale, Ray Peek and many others. They were bought in may 1978 by Fred.  He took the first buyout - believe that was in 2002 or 2003-can’t remember.
Meadow, Everett   Dec 2014   Telecom Molly Moss comment: Everett had a wonderful voice and during the time I worked for him, he would always leave us a voice mail of him singing Happy Birthday on our birthdays. He was famous for the words "step around". You knew you were in trouble if he told you to "step around". He could strike fear in all of us with those two little words. During the time of typed memos, Everett could do some damage with his red pen. He expected us all to always do the very best we were capable of. I learned a lot during those years.
Pinkney, Chris   Jan 2020   Mgr, Proj Mgmt Chris went to work at Federal Express to work in project management and enjoyed a lengthy career before retiring.
Regenold, Patty   Nov 2013   Telecom IT Manager
Sertich, Chuck   Aug 2012



LineHaul Sys Development

Jimmy Burk: Chuck was one of the finest people I worked with over my 28 year career at FedEx. He was a fine & outstanding person, much admired by his team and co-workers. He did a lot to make the company what it is today. I remember him happy

Simmons, Brad   Oct 2018  

Mgr, Pkt Sw Engr


Brad was an Electrical Engineer who was instrumental in Zapmail network modelling and Satellite Engineering. He left FedEx and was a Principal in a startup that was purchased by Oracle.
Stephenson,Winn   Jan 2022

Senior VP ITD


Telecom, Computer OPs,

Caliber Systems

Many accomplishments from departments Winn managed::

first Internet application for tracking, over $250M in capital projects designed for the company(DADS, SuperTracker+, Automation etc, Powerpad etc, prototypes for automation, customer service workstations, MSDS, Purple Lites), Responsible for expanding FedEx networks worldwide

Swain, Ken     Mgr, LineHaul Systems Dev LHSD Ken was the Manager over many of the 580 Linehaul applications which supported the Hub, Air Ops and AGT&T; he was a loyal miata owner; When Ken first applied for a manager job, the 2 directors who interviewed Ken (Tom Stites & Chuck Sertich) came to me with their selection and they were in total shock of how well Ken did on the interview.
Tollefson, Jim(JET)   July 2018 VP Colorado Springs


1979 to approx 1994

Jim was the reason Colorado Springs IT continued to expand. He was always in Memphis looking for projects where he could expand and grow the IT staff in COS. Under his leadership COS grew from around 30ish people to over 600 supporting COSMOS, International, Supertracker coding, DADS application coding, Customer Service and many other functions.


Tuttle, Diane       Director Telecom  
Whitworth, Jim          

Jim was the Engineering support for several major Satellite based projects at FedEx: ISTN, Saturn, Early


Wulff, Kurt         Kurt grew the Computer Ops communications software staff to support many applications over the Tandem and PCBase software.