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If you have tips on life in retirement, travel, discounts or anything you've learned in retirement that you want to share; send to JimmyB to post here, or just post on the Legends Yahoo Group page, or Facebook page and it will be cross posted.


Tip#   Notes
29 timesaver Order stamps online from usps and they deliver to you
28 Travel Tip When you travel, have usps stop your mail online, and tell them when to deliver it; they will bundle all your mail and deliver on day you want. Newspapers will do the same
27 FedEx Retiree Club The FedEx Retiree Club lists other discounts: Corporate Perks, COSTCO Pharmacy, Dell Computers Online, Fujitsu Computers, Apple, Sam's Pharmacy, HP, Walmart Pharmacy, Interline Travel forms, Hotel, Car, Disney, Car Rentl, Interline discount sites etc
26 Social Security You can sign up online for benefits anytime from age 62 till your Normal Retirement age(66 for me). It takes less than 10 minutes. You will need to have your checking account number and your bank routing number handy to sign up. You generally would not take early social security if you plan on making more than $14K(outside your pension) because you are penalized. It typically takes 18.5 years to see a difference in money you get back from taking it early to delaying till 66 years old.
25 Amazon Prime If you buy stuff on amazon.com a lot; you can save much of your shipping costs by joining Amazon Prime for $80 per year. For this fee you get a majority of shipping for free(if amazon stocks the item) and you get a free membership in amazon instant streaming which gets you thousands of movies for free to your pc or ROKU device online.
24 Phone You can eliminate your landline and just use cellphones. You can use a monthly cell to reduce costs. Or you can do what I did is cancel the AT&T home line(they immediately offered me a $6 discount when I cancelled) then get a google voice number & OBI unit for $40; You can then pay $24 a year for free phone service and long distance for a cent a minute. You can also block any calls you want from your google voice account, route any phone calls to both your cell and new internet phone, and get voicemail at your computer.
23 Boards Pace yourself on the internet and set aside just the right amount of time so it doesn't become addictive and you miss out on life. Join something like the Early Retirement Board from tips from others who are enjoying retirement. If you sign up, you won't get emails, and all the advertising banners go away.
22 Do Things

Learn a language, learn to play a musical instrument, take time for board and memory games, travel, photography, read, mentor, spend time with family spend time with friends, help someone not as fortunate as yourself, help in your church, travel, volunteer, teach others what you have learned, take more day trips, finally organize your photos, do a bio on yourself and family, play with those grandkids and be part of their life experiences.

I enjoy Grizzlies game, playing with GrandKids, bicycling, and am trying to re-learn French & to play the piano. Stephanie enjoys crochet, reading books on history and self improvement, and watching her hummingbirds.

21 Fitness Join a fitness group, or just move some. Health is more important in retirement than ever. You have to be able to move without pain to enjoy your well deserved new life.
20   One suggestion was several months before you actually retire, try living on your expected income & budget in retirement.
19 Costco Get a Costco card, buy their less costly gas. A polish sausage and drink for two is about $4. At FedEx forum the same thing for 2 is $18
18 Calendar Keep a calendar, and continue to schedule your vacations and trips in advance.
17 Directory The FedEx retiree club also has a list of all members and their contact information if you want to keep up with friends and co-workers.
16 Discounts The Fedex Retiree club has a short list of discounts; you have to be a member to view the pages.
15 Delta If you get a Gold American Express Delta card, if your Delta tickets are charged to this card, up to eight people get their 1st bag checked for free, each way, when travelling with you. At $25 a bag this is a good savings. Card is usually $90 a year, but one trip with two people recovers your investment.
14 Car Ins If you have an American Express credit card, it will usually cover your deductible in case of a car accident(check your card agreement)


12 Retire Ck Decide how much if any deductions you want taken out of your retiree check, when you fill out the retiree form. Insurance deductions can also be taken out of your check. The form on the back of the check stub can be used to change your income tax deductions by filling out and mailing it back.
11 Vacation Take any vacation, comp or flex days you have left before retiring.
10 Get any training you can, recommendation letters, set up plan to turn over projects and documentation to others.
9 Stock If you have any stock options, check to see if you get to keep unexercised ones. They generally go away.
8 401K You can roll over your 401K to a company outside FedEx but generally Vanguard fees are lower, so unless you just want more fund options to select, you can either leave it, or move it. Always ask for check to go to new fund, don't accept check yourself to avoid paying immediate taxes. Also decide if you want to move your money to more fixed funds to protect principal.
7 Annuity Decide what type of Spousal annuity you want to select: None, 50%, 75%, 100%
6 FedEx Badge Ask your Manager to submit the form for your Retiree Badge; With your badge you are still able to get onto company property to go to the Company Store. You will also need it for any Corporate discounts including shipping discounts. You will need to also set up a Shipping account number tied to your credit card if you don't currently have one.
5 Retiree Club

Decide if you want to join the fedex retiree club ( http://www.ferc1.org/ ). You may get a complimentary 3 Month membership, but you must apply at the website. Cost is then prorated for the rest of year. Normal rate is $36/year.

You can also sign up for the fedex legends Yahoo group site or Facebook site to stay in touch.

4 Health Care

Get whatever benefits you can from your current plan. Get a full exam, bloodwork, tests, whatever the rules allow. - Check into body & fender work. If you have a chronically sore limb, see if you can get a consult for physical therapy. If you have allergies, see if you can get a consult for an allergy-response or immunology evaluation. If you're prone to fits of workplace giggling, see if you can get a psych referral. Refill maintenance prescriptions (especially if they're cheaper) in case there's a fumble of the healthcare handoff.- Get a full dental exam, x-rays, cleaning, filling overhauls, bridges, crowns, root canals, whatever.

Set up your account on mycigna.com

3 Return List

Make List to return: FedEx ID, prox card, Diner Club Card, cell phone(cancel service), , home phone or DSL/Comcast service, ATT calling card, laptop, home PC equipment, secure token

Generally you can keep any Comcast or ATT discount, but those are not guarenteed discounts.

2 Retire Events State your desires for a retirement ceremony, party, dinner, going-away present, whatever. Some will think you're reluctant to tell management what you really want, others will think they know better than you during your temporary period of self-delusion, others just enjoy arranging surprise parties.























Check on Stopped Payroll options which shoud be stopped automatically after retirement:

  FedEx Credit Union Deductions

  United Way Deductions

  Any PAC contributions

  Group Legal insurance deduction

  RSP deductions

  Term Life Insurance deductions

  Health deductions


Decide if you want to purchase Long Term Care policy. I think FedEx's option is no longer available, but check.


You may want to look at getting a term life insurance policy. FedEx prices to carry over term life insurance is not affordable.


You do have the option to continue the Group Legal Insurance policy. This just came avaliable last year.


If you have any sizeable savings or property look at purchasing a Liability policy to protect from any future lawsuits. About $300 will buy you a $500K policy. Generally your car insurance will only cover you for lawsuits to $50k per accident.

Retiree Links

Retire Early A good retiree page on planning retirement, what to do after retiring, how to spend your money, health and travel; sign up and the advertising banners disappear.
Plan Today

FedEx Retirement Planning site





Alaska   Bob Higgins connected me with his travel agent who is very expert in setting up cruises, especially in Alaska. She was a former FedEx employee. Linda Robison 'Academy Travel' 719-598-5587


Employee Disc Shipping   Info on FedEx's Employee Discount Program
FedEx Shipping Disc Internet FedEx Retiree Shipping Discount Form
FedEx Hotel Disc Alpa List of Discounts for personal & business travel from the ALPA page
FedEx Marriott Disc  

FedEx Marriott Hotels Discount



Corp Perks








FedEx Perks - Employee Discounts at National and Local Merchants

All FedEx Employee's can get great discounts at National and Local merchants simply for being a FedEx employee. The program features 50% discounts everyday at merchants like Macys, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, as well as 50-90% off at local restaurants, spas, and weekend activities.

Visit http://fedex.corporateperks.com and register with your FedEx email address or if you would like to use your personal email address, enter company code fedex1

AT&T AT&T generally gives cell discounts to employees and currently gives it to retirees
Corkys Collierville 10% discount off lunch w/Badge
McAlisters Collier. 10% discount off lunch w/Badge
MouseSavers DisneyWorld discounts
McAlisters-Mem McAlisters has a dinner punch card and tea card which accrue for free tea's and meals
Incredible Pizza-Memphis Incredible Pizza on Germantown Parkway has excellent senior discounts. Also you get one meal free if you bring in a church bulletin on Sundays.


Amazon Prime
woot.com unique item for sale each day
etsy   usually handcrafted items
PopSugar Search engine for men & ladies apparel


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appliances online, usually free shipping, no sales tax...at least until 2014


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