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FedEx Trivia Quiz
This is more of a question, without a definite answer...just to see what you remember of FedEx history:
Name something (product, thing, operatng system, application, group etc) that FedEx started and then shut down or stopped




Roge Rogers:  zap mail

Carl Wayne Hardeman:  twice a year bonuses

Gary Phillips:  Cost of living increases.

Marsha Terry Ride: r NOT PRISM, at least not YET!

Marsha Terry Rider:  Tandem pipeline

Marsha Terry Rider:   Wang Word Processing network ( I actually had to use that for a while)

Marcie Littles Moss:   Hotel Pack! VERY short-lived.

Chris Bentley:   727 hush kits

Marsha Terry Rider to Gary Phillips: did we actually have COLAs? If so, that was before Dec.'85.

Molly Hale Moss:   DTC Drive Through Centers

Gary Phillips:   Use of the corp gas station.

Jon Peacock:   Zap Mail and yes, Jumpseat!!!

Gary Phillips:   They probably stopped around the mid 80s Marsha.

Marsha Terry Rider to Gary Phillips-
Interesting. One of my co-workers (several years after that) was complaining in a management review session that we should have cost of living raises and time clock punching (we were a software development group for goodness sake). I vehemently argued that she should go over to Democrat and get an IRS job if she wanted to punch a time clock and get COLAs. I apparently took group therapy much to seriously in those days

Gary Phillips:  I didn't know anyone that was against the cost of living increases and I don't think anyone turned them down smile emoticon. FedEx was a lot smaller then and we got bigger increases, bonuses and more BZs with checks.

Sandra Allen Palmer:  Corp funded Christmas Parties! In late 70 & early 80's we had several parties a year. Good ole days for sure!

Gary Phillips:  I think I remember seeing Jimmy B dancing on the table at the last one we had in telecomm. smile emoticon

im Bentley:  Commercial Satellite!

Jim McBryde:   Maximum suggestion award. Which by the way, I received the maximum of 25k. Thanks Fred

Doris McInturff:   Zapmail

Melissa Leech Ziemer:   Business Service Centers (which I was hired for as a Service Agent in 1984) and most recently, this month, the Customer Experience Network (a Service Agent centric network that focused on monthly training videos & increasingly higher quotas for agents to sell packaging material & declared value to airbill customers, all with decreased working hours in accordance with Engineering analysis).

Brian Sneed:   AGRIS, Air Ground Radio Integrated System. Pilots had a touch tone microphone that automatically speed dialed a phone lnk through company owned radio sites to flight dispatch. Replaced by cell phones.

Debora Williams Waller:   ORBIT and COSMOS mainframe Domestic Rate Quote systems were retired,
Jimmy Glenn Burk
Very good memories, A few others:
Christmas bonus(already mentioned as bonus twice a year)
I think this was part of profit sharing paid twice a year in cash, but paid before Christmas

Publishing Services
FedEx had it's own graphics group and printers; the group was disbanded supposedly after unionization attempts and most were transfered to Telecom to start a Training department

Family Days
At Libertyland, egg hunts at Easter and other fun activities.

All employee meetings
Annual all employee meetings when we were small enough to get together

4 Day workweeks
one or two IT groups experimented with 4 days work weeks and it was supposedly considered for most of IT; but wasn't done because everyone in operations groups would also desire this.

Buying a Truck manufacturer
FedEx bought a trucking manufacturer that built Zvans which didn't last too long

Passenger Airline
FedEx bought 5 Boeing 737s with roll in passenger seats to fly passengers during the day. One license was granted to begin service out of Midway, but plan scrapped right after oil embargo and business was picking up.

Outsourcing International Flights
During pilot contingences in the late 90's, FedEx executed non breakable contracts for flights out of Europe and to South America, complete with aircraft and pilot crews. I don't think this was executed but the contracts were, as I understand.

Baby gifts for your birth of your child; not sure if they still do this

Barksdale Days
One free day off a quarter if corporate goals were met, which I think was printing all reports ontime, at least in the beginning

Birthday off
You got your birthday off; discontinued when they incorporated into floating vacation days.

Matching $500 in your 401K with first $1000 you save

Pension plan
A 25 year defined pension plan, changed a couple times.
Jimmy Glenn Burk:  Pilot Union Rule changes
I would consider this a change although I don't have firsthand knowledge.
Supposedly FedEx pilots were governed by a Flight rules handbook since they were not a union. And supposedly there was an item in the handbook that if FedEx ever purchased another company with pilots, that FedEx pilots would retain seniority, and new pilots would fall behind them.
Story goes that a few months before buying Flying Tigers, this statement was removed from the Flight Handbook by the company.
This started lawsuits and mediation that went on a long time eventually ending with 3rd party arbitration.

Jimmy Glenn Burk Jim McBryde: what was your award for?

Kimberly Eyre:  Zap Mail

Jim McBryde:  We used to use a 3rd party to expedite and deliver missed pickups and missorts. We decided to see if the stations would do it instead of sky courier, who was later bought by ups. The stations were more than happy to assist by either doing it

Melissa Leech Ziemer:  Family Briefings.

Jimmy Burk:  On cost of living increases...this lasted about one year
Previously you could get up to a 10% merit twice a year if your salary was under midpoint and once a year otherwise. Performance reviews were a 7 scale, which was later changed to 4
They came out with a system that would give you up to a 5% merit once or twice a year, plus cost of living increases on a quarterly basis.
They chose the year that interest rates for purchasing a home was around 18%...which helped drive the cola to 2-3% every employees got an increase every quarter.
I don't think that merit system lasted even a year

Jimmy Glenn Burk:
Another interesting thing was that around 1983 ish there was a push by HR to have people have masters to get into mgmt, not just lots of experience... so several people I know were denied mgmt positions, that had helped build the company and had experience...because they didn't have a bachelors degree.
Another short lived thing was that HR had behavior tests administered for new hires. Not sure what that accomplished but it was soon abandoned.

Marsha Terry Rider:   When I was hired I actually had to go see a company doctor for a mini-phyisical (Dec.'85). I don't think that lasted long.

Marsha Terry Rider:   After the Tiger merger weren't we briefly technically a passenger airline until the military contracts that Tigers had expired?

Marsha Terry Rider:   Seems I recall hearing of someone actually bidding on a flight attendant job for those flights.

Jimmy Glenn Burk:   I remember we kept the 300 stewardesses employed to complete the charter flights, which I think were mostly military.

Marsha Terry Rider:   DC-8s

Debbie Jenkins:   Silver 7 aka Sunday Delivery Service

Molly Hale Moss:   Silver Bells = We went into nursing homes just before Christmas and allowed the residents to call their loved ones thru the FedEx switch.

Marsha Terry Rider:   Yes! Silver Bells! Thank you Molly for reminding me of that.

Sonny Holman:   POLARIS....

Vicki Shirey Sanders:  Zap mail