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Page 1 - Items of Interest (11-06-12 to 9-23-13)

Chuck Siegfried The Good Ole Days
DADS Innovators
Barksdale Quotes
Ten Things about Fred Smith
One of FWS first speeches after moving from Little Rock
Who was the first IT employee hired at FedEx
First Leader of first call center and Dir of ZapCentral
Early Word Processor Trivia
Project to see thru fog called?
Superhub operations changes to launch fleet ?
What were your favorite lunch spots?
Trivia: Who thought of COSMOS?
Trivia: Name of group FWS formed in 1998 to get technology projects moving
Jim Barksdale's private jet (2013)
In Your Own Words article: Jud Williford
Trivia: rockets, dirigibles, passenger airline etc
Trivia: Name of table used to route packages and schedule fleet
Harry Dalton Interview: VPS SIS
Who was the first director of Customer Automation?
FedEx Pilot Story
FWS Gloria Caldwell Story
Cobol programmers are______?
Early SuperTracker prototypes
Trivia: the first vp for SuperHub Operations  was ?
The first practical application on the Internet?


Page 2- Items of Interest

1 Edith Kelly Story
2 Jimmy Loves Quality
3 Paul Benbrook
4 Which SVP played football for Ole Miss
5 FedEx's Speller-Checker
6 Who was in charge of building FedEx 1st Hub
7 1st VP of IT for Asia
8 1st Director dedicated Billing agents


Page 3

1 First scanner, word processor, Supertracker, automation etc
2 Appreciation first day of working at FedEx
3 Perks you enjoyed at FedEx early days
4 Nonconnah Beach Parties
5 Early Outsourcing of Employees
6 Tom Bullion Early Memories
7 Trivia 1st CIO, Zapczar etc
8 Scanning Trivia
9 Trivia Hockey player, Thunderbirds, Bell Labs, Optimizer, etc
10 First Project you worked on
11 David Everett-Early Prism Development
12 Ten Things about FWS
13 Dr Ron Ponder
14 Trivia: Jim Barksdale
15 Same Day Service USA to Europe
16 Dress Code: Shorts
17 Mid 1980's Telecom Org Chart

Page 4

1 1982 ITD Phone Directory
2 Earliest Micro and Mini Computers used at the Company
3 What FedEx did with Air Traffic Controllers were fired by Pres.Reagan
4 The Space Mountain FedEx employee lounge
5 When the FedEx Manager Class required Exercise
6 Why FedEx Services Got No Color
7 WTC Trivia
8 FedEx True/False Trivia
9 Trivia True/False FedEx & the Internet
10 SuperHub Startup Problems
11 Name the Pilots who became AOD SVP's
12 Trivia: Name the Intl Headquarters for ITD
13 Trivia: First Memphis Call Center
14 FedEx's first Mainframe Computer
15 Who am I? I delayed working for FedEx for Turkey Season?
16 When Employees were asked...Please Don't Cash your Checks?
17 Trivia: UPS was asked to deliver FedEx pkgs etc TRUE/FALSE
18 When 90 employees were displaced because they used COBOL
19 When Dennis Jones was going to replace IBM
20 Some Favorite Jim Barksdale Quotes
21 Telecom Org Chart about 1986
22 Things FedEx considered doing? blimps, armored cars etc
23 Trivia: Courier quit because of shoes, bird nests on computers etc
24 Name employees who were college professors
25 When FedEx employees dropped the Mainframe off a Truck

Page 5

1 Name the AOD application that angered the Pilots
2 Name the Mgr over FedEx's World Fair
3 SuperHub Trivia
4 Who was FedEx's biggest competitor in 1974
5 Which dept refused to spend $100K with Anderson
6 FedEx-Flying Tiger Integration Issues
7 Ode to Freddie Rice: His Christmas Poem
8 Trivia: Zapmail, air operations, zips etc
9 Why ITD dress code changed in the early 90's
10 Why we had large Satellite Dishes at Call Centers
11 Smoking Policy Trivia
12 Beginnings of FXTV
13 Who commissioned a study for FedEx to drop all cities not profitable?
14 True/False: FedEx had stewardess,space launch, ships etc
15 More FedEx True or False trivia
16 Zapmail Trivia
17 Wearing shorts, free movies, Castaway etc
18 FedEx Computer History
19 Companies purchased with Caliber?
20 Trivia: FedEx's first airport in Europe?
21 UPS Technology vs FedEx
22 Poll: Your most difficult at FedEx
23 Story: How FedEx first got directly connected to the Internet
24 Ben Moore: Voice Response for Data Protection
25 Why FedEx started manufacturing DADS terminals
26 Name these favorite Dining Places & other Trivia
27 What was the major issue to expand the SuperHub?
28 True False Trivia: salary , personell issues, cost of living raises
29 Who Am I?
30 Two Interviews with Jim Barksdale
31 Trivia about ealry days of Cosmos, IIa, IIb, Dads etc
32 Trivia: guns, drugs, ties, falsification etc
33 Early IT advertisements for staff
34 Lunch w Dr. Ron Ponder & Winn Stephenson
35 How Dr. Ron Ponder was introduced to Federal Express
36 Trivia: Early mainframes, Clark Tower, Network Control; corp Jets
37 Early FedEx IT legends (photos)
38 What is BABO?
39 JB's first dept at fedex: Hankins, Cox, Winter, John Schwarzmann
40 Trivia: Space Shuttle, SpaceTran, Fitc, blimps, fast ships, slow aircraft
41 Trivia: IT acronyms
42 Which of these are NOT TRUE

Page 6

1 Favorite Lunch spots
2 Which came first...Billing?
3 First Computers used for Word Processing at Federal Express
4 Why was there a speaker on the SuperTracker?
5 Trivia: name these VP's and SVP's
6 Retire Quotes
7 Trivia: Little Napoleon, ZapZar, pottty mouth, Thunderbirds etc
8 SuperHub Trivia
9 FedEx & the Military trivia
10 What is 10-4 Day?
11 Trivia: guns in cockpit, discount gas, holidays, air traffic control strike
12 Memorable Company Christmas Parties
13 Trivia: Match senior exec's to their hobbies
14 Trivia: Jim Barksdale,Ron Ponder, 737's
15 WTC Trivia
16 Tom Glasgow-SuperHub
17 Jim Chandler
18 MAT
19 When FedEx flew Passengers
20 FedEx & Coal Mining areas
21 Trivia: true or false things that happened at Federal Express
22 FedEx History Trivia: Zapmail, Cosmos etc
23 When UPS gave Express Shipping to our customers...for free
24 For what movie did FedEx lose priceless firemen's helmets
25 FedEx Trivia: Early history
26 Trivia: 1st computer, 1st word processor, 1st child, jet names
27 What was Flying Tigers Integration Day?
28 Difference between Zapmailer I and Zapmailer 2
29 Ken Pasley
30 Pete Wilmott
31 Heidi Amling
32 Fashion shoes, motorcycles, fedex delivers appliances
33 the FedEx Corporate Football Team
34 FedEx's first Corporate Logo
35 FedEx's Largest customers (2016)
36 Y2K Trivia
37 FedEx's 1st birthday: Don Rose, Buddy Johnson, Peter Carbetta
38 Who developed SFA? Why? Where did GFT come from?
39 Who replaced JET (Jim Tollefson, VP COS IT)
40 FedEx Car Sales?
41 David Zanca, Chris Hjelm, Kevin Humphries trivia
42 In Common? Fred Smith, Alan McArtor, Gil Mook, Jim McKinney
43 Jumped out of plane but parachute didn't open; other exec trivia
44 Artificial Intel, Supertracker, approval to Fly Passengers trivia
45 Origination of Home Delivery
46 FedEx loves Harry Potter Story

Page 7

1 FedEx Insurance Trivia
2 True/False: FedEx Resort, SportsPlex, day care, Castaway, stealing jets
3 Trivia: COSMOS, DADS, Hub, Trackers
4 FedEx + explosives-schools+ABC 20/20
5 Things you must steal at the SuperHub
6 What happened to the Zapmailers?
7 Stooges, Drugs, Beanie Babiles, FWS falcon, FWS in Hub?
8 SuperTracker wheel, Dads, Epson meter,prominent Database at FedEx
9 Zap satellite, REDS, Space launches, flight attendents
10 Employee jumpseat Stories
11 Name this former employee, now an artist
12 Why FedEx didn't fly Concordes to Europe?
13 First COSMOS prototype system
14 Why FedEx dropped AirLine Control Program for IMS
15 Who succeded Karl Birkholz at the SuperHub?
16 Ken May
17 Bob May
18 Trivia T/F: Elvis Pilot, secretary to pilot, Dr. Ponder, 1st DC-10
19 DC10 conv, Angry 727 pilots?, communications, runways MEM
20 Fuel tanks, DADS, armed couriers? steel shoes
21 1st automation, meter w cassetes,DHJ
22 Uplifting Employee stories, above and beyond
23 Bruce Lindow-SuperTracker charging QAT
24 Signature Jail for Jimmy(one of many)
25 Signature Trivia JLB, JET, TAM, RJP
26 Dr. Ron J. Ponder note to Group
27 Group Photo from David White
28 Drinking on the job, birthday off, 4 Day workweeks
29 Birds on Computer, that dog don't hunt, 1st passenger city approved
30 Various Network trivia
31 Nathan Lemmon-Radio Engineering
32 Astronomy Randy Roy
33 Photo Jim Bentley, JJ Wood, Richard Dunn, JimmyBurk, missing is Jim Moore, Father of DADS
34 CIO Trivia
35 Name the Times FedEx Jets stopped Flying
36 How FedEx purchased Cook's computers & staff
37 Fred Smith Office

Page 8

1 Trivia: Red Memo's, Z-Manifesto, DHJ
2 Don Tummins
3 Companies FedEx bought with Caliber/RPS aquisition
4 Some of the FedEx Legends
5 Drop Box Trivia
6 Photo: More FedEx Legends
7 More FedEx Legends
8 Name: Who was First?
9 FedEx Space Mountain Pin
10 Ray Burk FedEx Space Mountain Story
11 Was Fred Smith Employee #1, and other trivia
12 Favorite Restaurant Trivia for employees
13 FedEx china, Football, Christmas Parties, space shuttle etc
14 Marie McVay 1984 2955 Republican phone list
15 Story: Time I was can't use these phones
16 Ben Moore Story: Jim Barksdale
17 Why did FedEx sponsor DisneyWorld's Space Mountain Ride
18 Harry Dalton Story
19 FWS demoted, hole in office floor, FedEx paid bills 9 months late
20 FWS Vietnam photo

Gov of China offered SuperHub Tour

don't got time for Hub....Go See Elvis House.....

22 True False about Fred Smith and his family
23 Trivia: cost of living, home del mascot, discount gas, superhub failures
24 Exec started as a courier, hush kits, Texas gallon hats
25 Jim Barksdale Trivia
26 Ancel Hankins Note about those that came to FedEx from DCC
27 Walt Edmonds photo of Hub in 1975
28 Walt Edmonds & Charlie Derrick photo
29 Smoking Memories
30 Russian Wheat Harvest & FedEx, and other Trivia
31 When Customers refused airbills and other trivia


Page 9

1 Ken May
2 Things Talked about, or Not Trivia
3 Who was: LittleNapoleon,ZapZar, YZ,PowerMan,JET,JLB
4 What Execs were Chauffered in
5 Gary Owens Photos
6 Trivia: Hiring one time in fedex history
7 If FedEx hadn't bought the Falcon's...what would they buy?
8 Photo: Jim Colson, Diane Tuttle, Irene Williams and others

Dead Rubber fish, Capital internet email, played tennis w FWS,looked like Robert Redford, Department Robbery

10 What the FCC did to help UPS catch up to FedEx

Trivia: name these People at FedEx

12 Trivia True/False: Outsourcing, vans, ships, armed couriers
13 Trivia: Name these people
14 Photo Powership 3 Setup
15 Trivia: PS2 origin country, Ron Ponder, Jim Barksdale, Rob Carter
16 Plants,Marksman,VP Superhub, atomization, PODS, Superhub
17 Name: Laurie Tucker, Gary Holmes, John Schwarzmann etc
18 Optimizer, Animal Names, Lake under SuperHub etc
19 Ann Mullis 1985 Photo: Barksdale, Stephenson, Ponder etc
20 Name these People: Dr Ponder, Sertich, Ken May etc
21 Trivia: Benefits employees at one time received
22 Ted Merida


Page 10

1 First Computer appl, COSMOS prototype,1st minicomputer, 1st Falcon
2 FedEx favorite restaurant Trivia
3 SuperHub tug stealing, who was offer 80% of FedEx for 1 loan
4 Who was the only airline to support FedEx going to 727's
5 Great Interview FWS @ Depaul Univ 2014 (3 Parts)
6 List of some Retiree Benefits
7 The Birth of ITD at FedEx + Interview with Chuck Graham
8 JimmyB's 1st week at Federal Express
9 Early, Turkey Farm, Elvis Pony Farm, Star etc
10 $300 overnite letter, BBQ, customer call answered before 1st ring, Employee rented a helicopter, FWS outsourced flights to S. America & Europe
11 Exec officers trivia
12 Add in ComputerWorld 1981-FedEx looking for Programmers
13 Chuck Siegfried - add 1979 for Telecom Specialist
14 Who: Flight Test Engineer for the F-111 Attack Bomber
15 Who: Proj Mgr for the Lockheed AC-130 Gunship for the AirForce
16 Name these ladies
17 First Director of the Flight Simulator
18 Exec who baked to relieve Stress?
19 Rats, covered parking, covered parking spaces, guns for pilots
20 The Star Trek commercial....never shown
21 FedEx attempt to launch rockets
22 Zapmail Era history Trivia
23 Federal Express Logo Trivia
24 Reasons FedEx bought Cook Industries IT shop
25 Jumped, parachute did not open, born in Taiwan, owns wwii jeep and cannon, fedex professors, etc
26 Animals, explosives, firearms, the Retarded Group etc
27 Displacing people I
28 Displacing people II


Page 11

1 Concorde History
2 Trivia: IT applications: Cargo, Plaid, SallyB, Saturn, Genesis etc
3 Trivia: ties, shorts, raises, pantyhose, gas, turkeys/hams
4 Astro Photos: Randy Roy
5 David Zanca Book Published
6 Rules of the Snake
7 Worlds Fair FedEx Pavilion
8 Parts Warehouse
9 Who wrote the very first automation computer program?
10 First Automation Computer Language?
11 FWS asks to meet Gloria Caldwell Story
12 FedEx & IBM & the 7 Dwarfs
13 What 2 changes got the first Hub working?
14 Bob Gavin Memories
15 SuperTracker Rapper
16 Where Falcons Parked
17 Mike & Beth O'Neil
18 When the SuperTracker ran out of Memory
19 Unusual Requests
20 Make the Mainframe Great Again -Red Hat
21 Ordering the Hitachi
22 Above & Beyond Field awards
24 Epson Meters
25 Fred Smith History trivia
26 Laurie Tucker/Dennis Jones

Page 12

1 How many times did FedEx jets stop flying?
2 When FedEx planned to fly passengers during the Day
3 1st Director Field Service Techs
4 Trivia: What was Project Sally B
5 Trivia: Intl Project to clear customs faster
6 Trivia: What wasn't on FedEx checks?
7 When You couldn't ship with UPS...then it was OK

Page 13

1 True/False : Fedex flew passengers, built vans, started paypal etc
2 SuperHub Startup story
3 FedEx project modelled after French Telecom internet phone?
4 Employee Benefit Plans....that never were...
5 FedEx & King Tut
6 When thousands used FedEx for Free Long Distance Service
7 Who was doing hundreds of thousand tranactions/day on